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* www/devmaster/lesson*.html: Fix relative jnlp links.Xerxes Rånby2013-07-055-5/+5
* www/index.html: Switch github -> jogamp link to source for lessons 1,2,3,5 & 8Xerxes Rånby2013-07-051-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'xranby/master'Sven Gothel2013-07-041-7/+10
| * www/index.html: fix command line demos & promote JOGL NApplet GearsJOAL appletXerxes Rånby2013-06-301-7/+10
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'xranby/www'Sven Gothel2013-07-048-119/+27
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * www/devmaster/lesson*.html: Fix header, title, navigation and links.Xerxes Rånby2013-03-268-119/+27
* | Adapt to new version scheme, see GlueGen a3f2ef50ad33c58a240a17fcf03e415d7722...v2.0.2-rc12v2.0-rc12Sven Gothel2013-03-282-6/+3
* Fix demo - Now we need to properly use ALExt, since AL does no...Sven Gothel2013-02-012-28/+31
* www/index.html: Updated links & JOAL logo.Xerxes Rånby2013-01-151-9/+6
* Add trivial JOAL maven exampleMark Raynsford2012-11-158-0/+144
* Merge pull request #1 from xranby/wwwSven Gothel2012-11-1511-2/+132
| * Add joal-lesson 1,2,3,5 & 8 jnlpXerxes Rånby2012-11-155-0/+102
| * Remove 9 year old binary builds.Xerxes Rånby2012-11-155-0/+0
| * Update JOAL www links to use infrastructure.Xerxes Rånby2012-11-151-2/+30
* javac - setup encoding to UTF-8v2.0-rc9v2.0-rc8v2.0-rc7v2.0-rc6v2.0-rc11v2.0-rc10Sven Gothel2012-01-231-0/+1
* Fix Bug 516 (Determine Java Version) / See gluegen: 64639b805a32338385421f168...Sven Gothel2012-01-222-1/+10
* gluegen-archivetasks.xml -> jogamp-archivetasks.xmlv2.0-rc5v2.0-rc4v2.0-rc3v2.0-rc2Sven Gothel2011-02-241-1/+1
* Adapt changes of jogamp-env.xmlSven Gothel2011-02-232-4/+2
* Inverse build attribute build.noarchive -> build.archiveonSven Gothel2011-02-233-5/+3
* Use 7z instead of zipSven Gothel2011-02-231-3/+2
* Unique ZIP archive nameSven Gothel2010-12-191-2/+4
* fix running demos from antSven Gothel2010-12-131-2/+26
* enable joal-demosSven Gothel2010-12-1311-50/+143
* rootrel.buildSven Gothel2010-12-131-3/+9
* www: add proper redirection to folder wwwSven Gothel2010-05-081-0/+7
* cleaned up webpage.Michael Bien2010-03-211-131/+93
* Incorporated port of EFX filter example by Ultraq on javagaming.orgkbr2007-06-291-0/+252
* Updated text to indicate that Java Web Start link is now workingkbr2007-02-081-1/+1
* Added System.exit(0) needed for Java Web Start execution / terminationkbr2007-02-081-0/+2
* - made the number of buffers a variable instead of hardcoding to 2krishna_gadepalli2007-02-052-25/+121
* Updated it to reflect the new jars and ogg fileskrishna_gadepalli2007-02-031-2/+2
* - modified the build to use the minimal needed jars from j-ogg instead of usingkrishna_gadepalli2007-02-038-37/+84
* Added a new tutorial page for lesson8 (Ogg/Vorbis streaming)krishna_gadepalli2007-02-039-10/+439
* - Added "lesson8" a translation of the Ogg/Vorbis OpenAL streaming tutorial t...krishna_gadepalli2007-02-026-20/+631
* Improved error reporting and workaround for problem seen with NVidia'skbr2006-12-221-9/+19
* Added option for excluding Quit button from GUIkbr2006-12-201-13/+16
* Added support for using JOAL alongside JOGL in JOGLAppletLauncher. Ifkbr2006-12-041-94/+115
* Added Java Web Start launch links to various demos and removed linkskbr2006-08-314-7/+11
* Added GUI to lesson 5 and System.exit() calls to lessons 2 and 3kbr2006-08-314-69/+197
* Updated documentation linkkbr2006-04-011-1/+1
* Updates to build.xml files in preparation for JOAL nightly buildskbr2006-03-251-0/+8
* Merged gluegen-branch-1-0 on to the main JOAL trunk. JOAL is now builtkbr2006-01-1016-0/+875
* updated tutorials to use the very latest version of JOALathomas2003-11-235-0/+0
* updated demos to use the most recent version of the softwareathomas2003-11-232-0/+2
* updated demos to use the most recent version of the softwareathomas2003-11-234-0/+0
* updated navbarathomas2003-11-228-48/+48
* updated navbarathomas2003-11-228-64/+81
* updated with instrumented classes. Will look to replace with calls to 1.4 log...athomas2003-11-194-0/+0
* Proper handling of nulll parameter in alcOpenDevice()athomas2003-11-184-0/+0
* new navbar to match color scheme. Not so fruity as the purple nav bar (sorry ...athomas2003-11-158-91/+87