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* Fix radix sort on MacHEADv2.3.2rcmasterWade Walker2015-07-062-16/+23
* Add debug build targets to match those in gluegen and joglWade Walker2015-07-064-13/+16
* Fixed a variety of compilation and runtime errorsWade Walker2015-07-0621-184/+221
* Fix Eclipse build and Ant makefileWade Walker2015-07-063-4/+9
* Bug 682 - Relocating* -> com.jogamp.opengl.* ; Add javado...v2.3.1v2.3.0Sven Gothel2015-02-037-37/+38
* Adapt to JOGL HiDPI (Bug 741) changes up-to commit bcda2dad1a6569ffd4eba07b23...v2.2.4v2.2.3v2.2.2v2.2.1v2.2.0b22xSven Gothel2014-05-271-9/+9
* CLInfo: Use JoclVersionv2.1.5v2.1.4Sven Gothel2014-01-261-74/+5
* Jar Manifest: Add empty line before EOF (otherwise last line is cut-off - duh...Sven Gothel2014-01-231-0/+3
* Bug 881 - Add 'Application-Name' in Jar's manifest to avoid Java6 NPEs ..v2.1.3v2.1.2Sven Gothel2013-11-011-2/+5
* classpath: use ant build jocl.jarSven Gothel2013-11-011-5/+1
* test script ..Sven Gothel2013-11-011-0/+13
* Scripts/README: Add note on how to start a single demov2.1.1Sven Gothel2013-10-122-0/+11
* Adapt to new version scheme, see GlueGen a3f2ef50ad33c58a240a17fcf03e415d7722...v2.1.0v2.0.2-rc12v2.0.2v2.0-rc12Sven Gothel2013-03-292-8/+1
* www/index.html: rename -> RĂ„nby2013-03-061-3/+3
* Fix new JOCL artifacts location ; Fix new jocl.jar locationv2.0-rc11Sven Gothel2012-08-252-3/+3
* Adapt to JogAmp build infrastructure (get rid of 'dist' folder, drop jnlp fil...Sven Gothel2012-08-254-22/+20
* Adapt to JOGL changes 3ab518e90eb4cf82bcb8b990d337a5e4a531136b: Removed depre...Sven Gothel2012-08-183-6/+3
* Adapt to gluegen commit 9a71703904ebfec343fb2c7266343d37a2e4c3dbv2.0-rc10Sven Gothel2012-06-261-2/+2
* Fix Bug 516 (Determine Java Version) / See gluegen: 64639b805a32338385421f168...v2.0-rc9v2.0-rc8v2.0-rc7v2.0-rc6Sven Gothel2012-01-223-3/+14
* Using JOGL's all pathv2.0-rc5v2.0-rc4v2.0-rc3Sven Gothel2011-08-221-9/+3
* Sync w/ latest masterSven Gothel2011-06-282-13/+5
* Fix merge w/ latest mbien/masterSven Gothel2011-06-284-2/+19
| * implemented isReleased()Michael Bien2011-06-192-0/+10
| * updated demos to latest jocl versionMichael Bien2011-04-262-7/+16
| * compatibility update to latest jocl.Michael Bien2011-04-262-4/+6
* | Add eclipse proj. filesSven Gothel2011-05-183-0/+48
* | sync with JOCL c6f97a2e6ea1d337f371152a2fee65ee1dd4c5d5Sven Gothel2011-05-182-12/+15
* Merge branch 'master' of Bien2011-04-201-11/+22
| * no relative path in archive since 7zip support was added.v2.0-rc2Michael Bien2011-02-271-2/+2
| * forgot to call jogamp.env.init.Michael Bien2011-02-271-1/+1
| * build produces now additional 7z archives for jenkins if build.archiveon is set.Michael Bien2011-02-261-10/+21
* | fixed compiler errors due to changes in public api.Michael Bien2011-04-201-10/+5
* added build.noarchive property.Michael Bien2011-02-231-1/+3
* improved HelloJOCL sample.Michael Bien2011-02-121-47/+64
* GLProfile.initSingleton(false) for webstart compatibility.Michael Bien2011-02-073-3/+9
* fixed typo in window title.Michael Bien2011-02-071-3/+3
* updated webpage (more demos, links etc).Michael Bien2011-02-052-11/+28
* - fixed bug in julia3d demo when epsilon is 0Michael Bien2011-02-043-27/+39
* new simple gamma correction OpenCL example featuring lenna.Michael Bien2011-02-035-0/+196
* configurable jnlp codebases.Michael Bien2011-02-032-6/+15
* Unique ZIP archive nameSven Gothel2010-12-192-2/+15
* ZIP: add www folderSven Gothel2010-11-291-0/+1
* Comply with JogAmp artifacts build properties and ZIP file; Keep jnlp files u...Sven Gothel2010-11-292-6/+31
* CLInfo demo prints now lib versioning info additional to the CL properties.Michael Bien2010-11-211-2/+7
* propper shutdown in MultiDeviceFractal demo.Michael Bien2010-11-211-1/+17
* changes due to modifications in joglMichael Bien2010-10-153-6/+7
* BandwidthBenchmark fixes and code cleanup.Michael Bien2010-09-173-31/+64
* added bandwidth benchmark.Michael Bien2010-09-162-0/+457
* fixed bugsMichael Bien2010-09-121-4/+1
* initial import of demos www page.Michael Bien2010-09-101-0/+73