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* added readme.Michael Bien2010-06-221-0/+35
* added GLProfile.initSingleton() to GL-CL demos (see JOGL Multithreading doc).Michael Bien2010-06-163-3/+12
* fixed resizing of fractal demo.Michael Bien2010-06-062-8/+9
* MultiDeviceFractal demo can now use devices with different FP precision in pa...Michael Bien2010-05-093-116/+166
* build jnlp files for demos.Michael Bien2010-05-052-68/+60
* run config for fractal demo.Michael Bien2010-05-051-0/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of Bien2010-05-023-92/+105
| * using {path.seperator} for libpath.Michael Bien2010-04-221-93/+93
| * Quick test/fix for GL/CL shared memory devicesSven Gothel2010-04-221-1/+4
| * fix nb project; set to 'build' in project.propertiesMichael Bien2010-04-221-5/+7
| * Add the property (used in gluegen/jogl)Sven Gothel2010-04-222-11/+19
* | MultiDeviceFractal is now... multi device again.Michael Bien2010-05-013-16/+42
* changes due to package renaming in jocl.Michael Bien2010-04-1236-157/+127
* cleaned up benchmark, added queue.finish() and more iterations for better res...Michael Bien2010-04-121-8/+15
* changes to maintain compatibility with Nvidia 195.36.15 drivers.Michael Bien2010-04-121-27/+42
* added intelliJ module file.Michael Bien2010-04-081-0/+18
* modifications due to class movement in gluegen.Michael Bien2010-04-017-7/+363
* modifications due to refactorings in gluegen and jogl.Michael Bien2010-03-292-3/+3
* changes due to BufferFactory -> Buffers renaming in gluegen.Michael Bien2010-03-294-4/+4
* com.sun.opengl -> com.jogamp.opengl.Michael Bien2010-03-273-5/+5
* refactoring due to gluegen changes.Michael Bien2010-03-2710-22/+29
* made sure to flush gl/cl pipelines correctly (-> fixed rare segmentation fault).Michael Bien2010-03-162-7/+9
* modifications due to API changes.Michael Bien2010-03-164-6/+489
* moved bitonic sort into seperate package.Michael Bien2010-03-013-4/+4
* cleaned up bitonic sort sample and removed sort payload for simplicity (value...Michael Bien2010-03-012-124/+78
* initial import of OpenCL RadixSort GPU example.Michael Bien2010-03-016-0/+985
* initial import of bitonic sort example.Michael Bien2010-02-283-0/+462
* modifications due to api changes.Michael Bien2010-02-221-1/+1
* 32bit/CPU device compatibility and cleanup.Michael Bien2010-02-216-27/+27
* initial import of David Bucciarelli's Julia3d demo ported to java using OpenC...Michael Bien2010-02-1317-14/+1664
* added single/double FP precision toggle.Michael Bien2010-02-012-50/+124
* glDeleteBuffers and other minor improvements.Michael Bien2010-02-011-10/+26
* added per GPU profiling stats.Michael Bien2010-01-292-9/+26
* Mandelbrot example uses now all available GPUs in parallel, parallelism level...Michael Bien2010-01-294-53/+137
* initial import of GL-CL Mandelbrot Set example.Michael Bien2010-01-264-1/+340
* updated GLCL sample.Michael Bien2010-01-211-51/+54
* updated demos due to api changes.Michael Bien2010-01-181-12/+10
* removed __ in opencl code, modified sample to use real GL-CL interoperability.Michael Bien2010-01-023-52/+55
* build is now ready to be used in hudson.Michael Bien2009-12-016-34/+42
* changes due to api refactorings.Michael Bien2009-11-061-12/+11
* finished JOGL-JOCL interoperability demo.Michael Bien2009-11-053-61/+88
* initial import of JOGL-JOCL interoperability sample (WIP).Michael Bien2009-10-275-2/+382
* generified CLBuffer.Michael Bien2009-10-271-3/+3
* static imports.Michael Bien2009-10-231-5/+5
* cleanupMichael Bien2009-10-222-23/+24
* initial import of jocl-demos project.Michael Bien2009-10-219-0/+997