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* Fix CLProgramTest for Intel OpenCLWade Walker2015-11-082-7/+24
* Fix CLProgram build lock to work on Intel OpenCL implementationWade Walker2015-11-081-16/+21
* Fix generated files dependency check; remove unused include pathsWade Walker2015-11-081-27/+16
* Remove unused stuff from build.xmlWade Walker2015-11-081-49/+15
* Replace erroneous tabs with spaces.Wade Walker2015-11-081-23/+23
* Add versioned interfaces for CL 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0Wade Walker2015-11-084-12/+23
* Remove CLGL interfaceWade Walker2015-11-0815-84/+35
* Remove creation and all references to CL*Binding interfacesWade Walker2015-11-0825-425/+104
* Remove use of CL*Binding interfacesWade Walker2015-11-0815-177/+122
* Add ability to access newer CLImpl versions for devicesWade Walker2015-11-084-3/+39
* Factor out common custom C and Java code to reduce duplicationWade Walker2015-11-0815-881/+221
* Add explicit version number to original CL impl classes.Wade Walker2015-11-089-36/+35
* Add OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0 headers and CLImpl classesWade Walker2015-11-0823-58/+7780
* Remove copy of generated Java files to build-temp directoryWade Walker2015-11-082-23/+12
* Upgrade OpenCL headers to standard Khronos version 1.1Wade Walker2015-11-088-93/+176
* Remove unused file cl_render_ext.hWade Walker2015-11-082-66/+1
* Make gluegen output messages more informativeWade Walker2015-11-081-14/+14
* JOCL QueueThread extends InterruptSource.Threadv2.3.2Sven Gothel2015-10-031-1/+2
* Include Khronos derived glcorearb.h before cl_gl.h, avoiding typedef mismatch...Sven Gothel2015-07-143-13/+11
* Remove obsolete Netbeans build filesWade Walker2015-07-129-1866/+0
* Remove stub includes that are duplicates of gluegen's and jogl'sWade Walker2015-07-1210-8032/+22
* Add debug targets to match those in gluegen and joglWade Walker2015-07-063-3/+14
* GLhandleARB set to void * on OS X, unsigned int everywhere elseWade Walker2015-07-052-1/+9
* Adapt to GlueGen commit 5ca2db226e23c61339943f981a3f46300818cb9a (Use contain...v2.3.1Sven Gothel2015-03-271-2/+2
* Adapt to GlueGen commit 454fac44efd1728d8f5c09ed4abd4041f6187e44: RenameJavaM...v2.3.0Sven Gothel2015-03-111-2/+2
* Add javadoc arg (property 'javadoc.xarg1') '-Xdoclint:none' if java >= 1.8 (G...Sven Gothel2015-02-031-0/+2
* Adapt APK install scripts for harmonized os.and.arch names, see GlueGen commi...Sven Gothel2015-02-034-7/+7
* Bug 682 - Relocating* -> com.jogamp.opengl.*Sven Gothel2015-02-0211-19/+19
* Bug 1122 - Add ARM 64bit build support, add Android ARM 64 bit build (build/i...Sven Gothel2015-02-023-0/+72
* Bug 1124 - Android Build: Use SDK >= 24.0.2 (build-tools >= 21.1.2) and NDK >...Sven Gothel2015-01-281-52/+7
* Bug 978: UITestCase shall only report 'not available on this machine', due to...v2.2.4v2.2.3v2.2.2v2.2.1b22xSven Gothel2014-09-031-1/+1
* Bug 978: Promote CLAbstractImpl.isAvailable() to CLPlatform, public API. isAv...Sven Gothel2014-09-035-25/+32
* Fix Eclipse .classpath: build/gensrc/java replaced w/ simple src attachment w...Sven Gothel2014-09-011-5/+1
* Bug 1057: Analyze CLProgramTest freeze on Win 8.1 Intel i7-4770T CPU / HD Gra...Sven Gothel2014-09-013-31/+34
* Scripts: Bump to java 1.8.0_20Sven Gothel2014-08-312-4/+4
* Scripts: Bump to java 1.7.0_67 and apache-ant 1.9.4Sven Gothel2014-08-284-12/+12
* Bug 1024: Add fallback for native-jar-file location via classpathv2.2.0Sven Gothel2014-07-114-15/+116
* Bug 1023/Bug 1024: Create native jar files for different configurations due t...Sven Gothel2014-07-101-0/+2
* Bug 1023, Bug 1024: Adapt to GlueGen commit 46faa59d439ef235d7691fc64d56eedc6...Sven Gothel2014-07-051-1/+1
* Code Clean-Up based on our Recommended Settings (jogamp-scripting c47bc86ae2e...Sven Gothel2014-07-0372-1916/+1954
* Add System.err log if CL/JNI library could not be loadedSven Gothel2014-06-251-3/+3
* Adapt to GlueGen commit 9ee44e1a289ecbac024662dd5a2ffc42e8add023 (Bug 1025)Sven Gothel2014-06-251-2/+2
* Adapt to GlueGen commit 2f6586292cd298bbc19d8acda0f7cf303c82078b (compount ca...Sven Gothel2014-06-182-2/+3
* Adapt to GlueGen commit c3054a01990e55ab35756ea23ab7d7c05f24dd37 (compount ca...Sven Gothel2014-06-173-3/+7
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'wwalker/master'Sven Gothel2014-05-106-38/+161
| * Fix build instructionsWade Walker2014-04-261-32/+23
| * Merge branch 'bug_1003_add_texture_interop_test'Wade Walker2014-04-134-5/+134
| |\
| | * Fix CL-GL interoperability tests on Mac.Wade Walker2014-04-062-6/+8
| | * Finish texture sharing test.Wade Walker2014-04-063-44/+88
| | * Start adding texture interop test.Wade Walker2014-04-041-0/+83