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* separate lwjgl libs directoryCarsten Weisse2006-10-292-3/+4
* corrected classpath (joal needs a gluegen runtime lib)Carsten Weisse2006-10-254-4/+4
* switch to joal 1.0b01Carsten Weisse2006-10-243-3/+3
* switch to joal 1.0b01Carsten Weisse2006-10-241-0/+1
* merge r_0_9_5 into HEADCarsten Weisse2006-10-244-2/+12
* fixes for OS XHolger Zickner2005-10-071-1/+1
* automatically change to Jake2 dirHolger Zickner2005-06-282-0/+4
* merge last changes from 0.9.4 branchHolger Zickner2005-05-266-4/+26
* jvm heap size reducedHolger Zickner2005-05-102-2/+2
* put the lwjgl libs into classpathCarsten Weisse2005-04-252-2/+3
* import of Jake2Holger Zickner2004-07-092-4/+6
* import of Jake2 version v_0_9Holger Zickner2004-07-082-0/+7