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* use lwjgl for performance testsCarsten Weisse2007-03-201-2/+2
* clean upCarsten Weisse2007-02-273-29/+5
* clean upCarsten Weisse2007-02-274-27/+9
* bugfix: TestMap works now. (re.EndRegistration() doesn't work in this context)Carsten Weisse2007-01-021-7/+5
* better driver init (solves conflicts with config.cfg)Carsten Weisse2006-11-211-24/+35
* better driver init (solves conflicts with config.cfg)Carsten Weisse2006-11-211-5/+7
* merge render-refactoring branch into the HEADCarsten Weisse2006-11-212-6/+15
* was broken by last Jake2 changesHolger Zickner2006-01-101-1/+10
* code cleanups and beautificationRene Stoeckel2005-12-271-2/+2
* code cleanupCarsten Weisse2005-06-112-948/+901
* simple test to see what happens with direct buffers (garbage collected?).Carsten Weisse2005-05-171-0/+45
* changes to hanlde the new renderer interface (keyboardhandler)Carsten Weisse2005-02-091-4/+8
* changes for KBD interfaceCarsten Weisse2004-12-144-10/+10
* major refactoring in game, server and client packageRene Stoeckel2004-09-223-41/+34
* deprecated replacedCarsten Weisse2004-09-151-2/+2
* reformat (Java conventions)Carsten Weisse2004-09-151-34/+27
* refimport_t deletedCarsten Weisse2004-07-164-395/+11
* update demosHolger Zickner2004-07-154-46/+21
* import of Jake2Holger Zickner2004-07-0912-676/+549
* import of Jake2 version cebitHolger Zickner2004-07-084-7/+349
* import of Jake2 version sunrisesunriseHolger Zickner2004-07-0717-0/+4215