2013-07-10 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: remove some unused static variables master 1.6.0-pre10 1.6.0-pre9
2013-07-10 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: introduce hash mixing helpers rather than...
2013-07-10 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: add @Override annotations to overridden methods
2013-06-22 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: check COPYRIGHT.txt in as UTF8, update FSF...
2013-06-15 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: make the default target build everything
2013-06-15 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: replace the old ant build script, everything...
2013-06-15 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: add a documentation target to the build, use...
2013-04-09 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: remove the www folder, there was nothing usefu...
2012-09-18 Harvey HarrisonBUILD: add the simplified ant build script
2012-05-18 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: remove netbeans project files, add .gitignore
2012-05-18 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: remove RCS file markers from source files
2011-12-31 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: use eclipse organize imports cleanup tool
2011-12-31 Harvey Harrisonvecmath: remove trailing whitespace from all files
2010-08-10 Kevin Rushforthupdate docs for svn
2008-06-18 Kevin RushforthUpdate version to 1.6
2008-05-13 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2008-05-13 Kevin RushforthClarify that the GPL v2 license used by this project...
2008-02-28 Kevin RushforthUpdate source code for GPLv2 license
2008-01-31 Chien YangIssue number: 538
2007-07-17 Kevin RushforthBump version number to 1.5.2
2007-02-09 Kevin RushforthUpdate copyright to 2007
2006-12-14 Kevin RushforthBumped version to 1.5.1
2006-12-14 Kevin RushforthMore license updates
2006-12-14 Kevin RushforthUpdate license for 1.5
2006-10-19 Kevin RushforthMake jar-debug the default target to be consistent...
2006-09-29 Kevin RushforthMerged dev-1_5 branch back to MAIN trunk
2006-06-21 Kevin RushforthUpdated build instructions
2006-03-07 Kevin RushforthUpdated project toolbar
2006-02-24 Kevin RushforthFixed JDL link.
2006-02-23 Kevin RushforthUpdated README file.
2006-02-23 Kevin RushforthUpdated JDL license for Java 3D API, version 1.4.
2006-02-15 Kevin RushforthAdded final spec license
2006-01-25 Kevin RushforthWeb page update
2006-01-24 Kevin RushforthMinor update
2006-01-24 Kevin RushforthObsolete pages; point to the Wiki
2006-01-05 Kevin RushforthUpdated Copyright date to 2006
2006-01-03 Kevin RushforthFixed Issue 217 : Compile j3d with "-g:lines,source...
2005-10-26 Kevin RushforthAdded package description.
2005-10-17 Kevin RushforthMerged changes from dev-1_4 branch into the main trunk.
2005-07-12 Kevin RushforthUpdated links
2005-07-01 Kevin RushforthRemoved redundant text
2005-07-01 Kevin RushforthRearranged web pages -- all content is now in parent...
2005-03-21 Kevin RushforthWeb page updates
2005-02-25 Kevin RushforthAdded web pages for proposed 1.4 changes
2005-02-18 Kevin RushforthBumped Copyright date to 2005
2005-02-11 Kevin RushforthUpdated Downloads section
2004-10-05 Kevin RushforthIssue number: 36
2004-09-23 Kevin RushforthPut COPYRIGHT and LICENSE files in javax directory...
2004-09-17 Kevin RushforthIssue number: 73
2004-08-03 Kevin RushforthFixed links (use "" not "index...
2004-07-30 Kevin RushforthUpdated web pages
2004-07-17 Kevin Rushforth1. Remove all URLs with e-mail addresses -- replaced...
2004-07-16 Kevin RushforthFIxed cut/paste typo
2004-07-02 Kevin RushforthUpdate the web page to reflect the fact that the Issues
2004-07-02 Kevin RushforthMinor update to wording of downloads section
2004-06-25 Kevin RushforthAdded licenses for JRL and JDL
2004-06-23 Kevin RushforthUpdated placeholder license info
2004-06-14 Kevin RushforthMinor update to build instructions
2004-06-10 Kevin RushforthAdded build instructions
2004-06-09 Kevin RushforthInitial creation of vecmath sources in CVS repository
2004-06-04 Kevin RushforthMore home page updates
2004-06-04 Kevin RushforthCreated initial home page
2004-03-17 httpdInitial data for the vecmath project
2004-03-17 cvs2svnNew repository initialized by cvs2svn. git info: FAQ, tutorial and man pages.