2015-04-01 Sven GothelBug 1153 - GlueGen: Adapt to commit c6d5ee30e023d030697... master v2.3.2
2015-03-25 Sven GothelIncludeAbsoluteTest: Fix test on Windows: Use slashifie... v2.3.1
2015-03-25 Sven GothelUnit Tests: Extend SingletonJunitCase and use determini...
2015-03-24 Sven GothelUse local LoggerIf, reflecting current log level of...
2015-03-24 Sven GothelExpose explicit macro expansiob and remove previously...
2015-03-24 Sven GothelComplete JogAmp GlueGen merge: Relocate and patch unit...
2015-03-23 Sven GothelAdd JCPP implementing GenericCPP (for GlueGen)
2015-03-23 Sven GothelRelocate JCPP package: org/anarres/cpp -> com/jogamp...
2015-03-23 Sven GothelPreprocessor.pop_source(..): Fix '#line' number; Prepro...
2015-03-23 Sven GothelPreprocessor.addMacro: Expand active macros w/ non...
2015-03-23 Sven GothelApply our jogamp eclipse cleanup filter: 'final', ...
2015-03-23 Sven GothelUtilize com.jogamp.gluegen.Logging.LoggerIf instead...
2015-01-01 ShevekWrite IncludeAbsoluteTest properly. vanilla
2015-01-01 ShevekHack to make tests pass on trusty jenkins server
2015-01-01 ShevekFix some findbugs warnings.
2015-01-01 ShevekFix #21: Allow including absolute files.
2015-01-01 ShevekFix #10 using build-time metadata.
2015-01-01 ShevekApply nexus to root project not subprojects.
2015-01-01 ShevekRemove old binary files from build tree.
2014-12-31 Shevekjsr305 annotations.
2014-12-31 ShevekMuch simpler fix for #25 still passes tests.
2014-12-31 ShevekFix #23: Allow empty anonymous variadic arguments.
2014-12-31 ShevekUpdate build rig a little.
2014-12-31 ShevekAdd extra test from #25.
2014-12-31 TimePathTrim whitespace from macro parameters when a new line...
2014-12-03 ShevekSourceChangeEvent now uses an enum.
2014-09-12 ShevekRelease 1.4.7.
2014-09-11 ShevekHandle framework includes.
2014-09-11 ShevekHandle conditionals in preprocessor statements.
2014-09-11 ShevekLexerSource: Handle invalid number as a single INVALID...
2014-09-11 ShevekPreprocessor: Fix SQSTRING.
2014-09-11 ShevekModernize: Use slf4j and joptsimple.
2014-09-11 ShevekNetBeans refactorings to standardize codebase.
2014-09-11 ShevekFix #18: Give access to list of includes.
2014-09-09 ShevekUse errorprone and bump.
2014-09-09 ShevekFix #16: NPE on unterminated ifdef.
2014-09-09 ShevekFix #15.
2014-02-08 Shevekbump
2014-02-08 ShevekFix #11: Make getPath() public.
2014-02-06 ShevekFix #13: Negative constants are not in the C99 standard.
2014-01-29 ShevekUse gradle-velocity-task.
2014-01-19 ShevekFinally fix octal floating point.
2014-01-19 ShevekPreprocessor: Apply JSR305; use getMacro everywhere.
2014-01-19 ShevekBetter numeric base handling. Fix typos in error messages.
2014-01-18 ShevekBump version for next release.
2014-01-18 ShevekFix handling of negative exponents.
2014-01-18 ShevekUpdate README.
2014-01-18 ShevekFix lots of NumericValue issues - probably more to go.
2014-01-15 ShevekBuild system: Support cobertura and github-pages.
2013-12-28 ShevekPreprocessor: Look at include_next; some null-guards.
2013-12-28 ShevekImplement varargs macros, courtesy ochafik
2013-12-28 ShevekFix #pragma once.
2013-12-28 ShevekLots of findbugs markers.
2013-12-28 ShevekMark include() as protected to allow jnaerator to call it.
2013-12-28 ShevekFix floating point lexing: Missing chars and bad token...
2013-12-28 ShevekBuildfile: Choose final maven coordinates.
2013-12-27 ShevekVersion bump to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT.
2013-11-05 ShevekLexerSourceTestCase: Check token offsets to detect...
2013-11-04 ShevekAdd missing directories to git.
2013-11-04 ShevekStringLexerSource doesn't need to throw IOException.
2012-09-04 ShevekTest cases for single-quoted string.
2012-09-04 ShevekSupport single-quoted strings properly, as a variant...
2012-04-01 ShevekNumericValue: Allow floating point numbers.
2012-01-28 ShevekAdd .gitignore for Java (much easier than C!)
2012-01-28 ShevekReformat README.
2012-01-28 ShevekAdd README.
2011-07-08 ShevekMake ant task work a lot better.
2011-01-20 ShevekAdd nested-comment test case
2011-01-19 Shevekbump
2011-01-19 ShevekFix some lexer bugs
2011-01-19 Shevekupdate asm for new cobertura
2011-01-19 ShevekFix line offsets in read after unget.
2011-01-19 Shevekupdate cobertura to 1.9.3
2009-04-23 Shevekfeature requests from ochafik
2009-04-08 Shevekfix widening macro case
2009-03-31 Shevekallow @ as a token for objective C
2009-03-31 ShevekFix comments in macros. Fix EOF killing jcpp. Allow...
2009-02-06 Shevekstop OOBE on high chars
2009-02-06 Shevekstart on objc
2008-06-14 Shevekremove quadratic getName; close lexers; add debug...
2008-06-13 Shevekextend testing a bit
2008-06-13 Shevekhandle errors better, using features
2008-06-13 Shevekimplement Feature.CSYNTAX, Feature.KEEPCOMMENTS, etc
2008-06-11 Sheveknew error propagation mechanism; add include list
2008-06-06 Shevekchange return types on VFS methods
2008-06-06 Shevektest vfs a bit
2008-06-06 Shevekimplement VFS properly
2008-06-03 Shevekupdate license
2008-05-31 Shevekbump
2008-05-31 Shevekmake vfiles work better
2008-05-18 Shevekjavadoc; more warning checks
2008-05-18 Shevekminor patches for 1.2.1 release
2008-05-18 Shevekadd ant path to javadoc
2008-05-18 Shevekupdate findbugs, work towards 1.2
2008-05-10 Shevekremove old findbugs
2008-05-08 Shevekfindbugs: nothing major
2008-05-08 Sheveklicense two files
2008-05-08 Shevekclean up cpp task some more
2008-05-08 Shevekadd cpp task
2008-05-08 Shevekmore work towards 2.0
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