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2016-08-21 Sven GothelAdding DMARC for Email Security and Authenticity master
2016-08-21 Sven GothelMerge branch 'master' of
2016-08-21 Sven GothelAdding SPF and DKIM for Email Security and Authenticity
2015-11-16 Sven Gotheljenkins nodes sgothel-win64-amd-016_017: Fix JRE/JDK...
2015-11-16 Sven GothelAdd replacement nodes for linux64-nvidia and win64-amd
2015-10-23 Mark RaynsfordAdd ANTLR 2.7.7 as a dependency of GlueGen
2015-10-04 Sven GothelServer Bugzilla: Refine perl modules section - skip...
2015-09-16 Sven GothelRefine/Update Server Webservice Settings/Installation
2015-07-29 Sven GothelBug 1145 - Fat Jar: Add oculusvr jars
2015-07-29 Sven GothelBug 1145 - Add fat/jogamp-fat-test-java-src.jar
2015-07-29 Sven GothelBug 1145 - Provide JogAmp Big Fat Jars and Fat 7z Archive
2015-07-13 Sven GothelOSX Node: Add Java 6 and 'Printer to file' note in...
2015-07-13 Sven GothelUse current Apple Java 6 JDK for 32bit and 64bit builds...
2015-07-13 Sven GothelFix Android ARM64 Support: Export HOST_ARCH; Preserve...
2015-07-13 Sven GothelOSX 10.10 Java6: Borrow JNI headers from jdk1.7.0_80...
2015-07-10 Sven GothelOSX 10.10 Jenkins Launch: Use 'Launchd' to start jenkin...
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