2012-08-29 Sven GothelPublish logos/images used a while ago master
2010-07-04 DemoscenePassivistAdded a magenta colored jocl website logo
2010-06-21 DemoscenePassivistFinally added vectorized jogamp banner as svg
2010-06-21 DemoscenePassivistAdded a poster size jogamp banner in 200x40,5cm-300dpi
2010-06-18 DemoscenePassivistAdded the jogamp wave symbol for the wiki and 3 new...
2010-06-17 DemoscenePassivistAdded the jogamp wave symbol as favicon
2010-06-15 DemoscenePassivistAdded 2 new photo-manipulation wallpapers
2010-06-15 DemoscenePassivistAdded the final website logos with slogans and 4 new... origin/HEAD origin/master
2010-06-13 DemoscenePassivistReactivated my old photoshop book and added another...
2010-06-11 DemoscenePassivistAdded some pastell colored jogamp rasterizations
2010-06-11 DemoscenePassivistAdded another batch of website color impressions
2010-06-10 DemoscenePassivistAdded another simple wallpaper design
2010-06-09 DemoscenePassivistAdded 2 simple wallpaper designs
2010-06-09 DemoscenePassivistAdded the last missing jogamp logo
2010-06-09 DemoscenePassivistadded -ich kann so nicht arbeiten- webpage color impres...
2010-06-08 DemoscenePassivistAdded vector versions of the final logo and symbol...
2010-05-27 DemoscenePassivistBunch of new symbols, additional enclosures and color...
2010-05-18 DemoscenePassivistSmall fix for the second logo
2010-05-18 DemoscenePassivistAnother 2 logos and 2 additional symbol tries
2010-05-13 DemoscenePassivistAnother 3 logos and an additional symbol try
2010-05-10 DemoscenePassivistAdded readme.txt
2010-05-09 DemoscenePassivistInitial commit git info: FAQ, tutorial and man pages.