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8b40dbcd 1Changes between JOGL 1.1.1 and today:
3 - Please refere to the online repository history at:
8b40dbcd 6
7Changes between JOGL 1.1.0 and 1.1.1:
9 - Fixed a bug in the checking of incoming buffers' sizes to
10 glTexImage1D, glTexImage2D, and glTexImage3D.
12Changes between JOGL 1.0.0 and 1.1.0:
14 - The glext.h and associated header files JOGL uses have been updated
15 to OpenGL 2.1 with NVidia's GeForce 8 series extensions. The new
16 functions are available as methods in the GL interface.
18 - The developer build bundles have been changed to zip archives, so
19 instead of having to download multiple jars, you can now just
20 download the zip archive for your particular platform. The new zip
21 archives are versioned with the build date.
23 - The source distribution now contains the generated sources like
24,, etc. for more convenient use in IDEs.
26 - The chosen GLCapabilities are now exposed from the GLDrawable via
27 GLDrawable.getChosenGLCapabilities(); this functionality works on
28 all platforms even in cases where the GLCapabilitiesChooser is not
29 supported, and attempts to provide correct answers so programs can
30 make decisions based on the results.
32 - The native code for the "DRI hack" (to support the open-source DRI
33 drivers on Linux and other X11 platforms) has been removed; JOGL
34 now uses the GlueGen NativeLibrary class for this purpose.
35 Reliability improvements have been made to the implementation of
36 this class; it has been confirmed as working again with ATI's
37 proprietary drivers on Linux and should also work better with
38 NVidia's drivers.
40 - The GlueGen runtime classes have been removed from jogl.jar. These
41 have been factored out into gluegen-rt.jar and are referenced by
42 both the JOGL and JOAL projects.
44 - Thanks to John Burkey some optimizations have been made to the
45 buffer object-related validity checks in glVertexPointer, etc. as
46 well as a buffer size query that was being made in the glMapBuffer
47 implementation. This improves performance for applications
48 performing a lot of VBO- or vertex array-based rendering, in
49 particular with the multithreaded OpenGL implementation on Mac OS
50 X.
52 - The JOGL applet launcher now supports deployment of applets which
53 use both OpenGL for 3D graphics via JOGL as well as OpenAL for
54 spatialized audio via JOAL. It now prompts the user on Windows
55 platforms to allow it to enable the -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true
56 system property for best robustness. It has been updated for the
57 changes in the GlueGen runtime classes and native library
58 structure. Some bugs have been fixed, some of which were preventing
59 different JOGL-based applets from being deployed from the same
60 codebase. The documentation and on-line examples have been updated
61 as well.
63 - The TextureIO implementation has been changed to no longer copy the
64 data associated with BufferedImage TextureData objects. Instead,
65 the necessary vertical flip is now implemented by flipping the
66 texture coordinates vertically.
68 - An API for updating a sub-image of a Texture object from a
69 sub-portion of a TextureData object has been added.
71 - A GLContext.copy() operation has been added based on community
72 feedback.
74 - Three helper classes have been added to the com.sun.opengl.util.j2d
75 package to improve interoperability between JOGL and Java 2D:
76 TextureRenderer, Overlay and TextRenderer. The TextureRenderer
77 supports drawing into an OpenGL texture using Java 2D. The Overlay
78 class provides a convenient Java 2D-based overlay on top of an
79 arbitrary GLDrawable. The TextRenderer class supports drawing of
80 Java 2D text into an OpenGL context. Thanks to Chris Campbell of
81 the Java 2D team for collaboration and to the JOGL community for
82 extensive feedback and testing assistance.
84 - Various bug fixes and robustness improvements were made to the
85 GlueGen runtime, JOGL and GLU implementations.
87 - Fixes to the DDSImage class were contributed by the community: a
88 bug fix to mipmap handling and support for cubemap textures. Thanks
89 to user bandures.
91 - TextureIO.setTexRectEnabled() and isTexRectEnabled() were added
92 based on feedback from Chris Campbell, in order to simplify the
93 writing of pixel shaders which have different samplers for
96 - Thanks to Erik Tollerud, the links to the OpenGL documentation in
97 the JOGL javadoc were revised to point to the new on-line man pages
98 in the OpenGL SDK.
100 - Support for automatic mipmap generation via GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP was
101 added to the TextureIO, TextureRenderer and TextRenderer classes.
103 - Windows/AMD64 binaries, including the JOGL Cg binding, are now
104 supplied.
106 - Worked around breakage of JOGL with 5.0u10; see Sun bug IDs 6504460
107 and 6333613.
109Changes between JOGL 1.1.1 and 2.0:
4ea473a2 110 - lots of changes git info: FAQ, tutorial and man pages.