2009-08-06 Sven GothelMerge branch 'master' into MIPS_PORT MIPS_PORT jausoft/MIPS_PORT jogamp/MIPS_PORT mbien/MIPS_PORT origin/MIPS_PORT
2009-08-06 Sven GothelFix Offscreen/PBuffer [WGL/GLX]: No XVisual/PFD necessa...
2009-08-06 Sven GothelMerge branch 'MIPS_PORT' of ssh://svengothel@git.kenai...
2009-08-05 Sven GothelUnify GL: glUnmapBuffer, glBlend*, glGenerateMipmap... OpenGL_3_2_Integrated
2009-08-05 Sven GothelUpdate GlueGen to 7dc9c5601d5689dcbc003ca51cfe826942ea3...
2009-08-03 Sven GothelWGL 3.2: No need for 'jogl.GLContext.3_2' - just works.
2009-08-03 Sven GothelDoc: OpenGL 3.1 .. 3.2 profile clarification
2009-08-03 Sven GothelDoc: OpenGL 3.1 .. 3.2 profile clarification
2009-08-03 Sven GothelAdd: GL_AMD_vertex_shader_tessellator from spec
2009-08-02 Sven GothelFix GLX/WGL GraphicsConfigurationFactory: Be more relax...
2009-08-02 Sven GothelGL: sync glext.h
2009-08-02 Sven GothelFix: GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit token
2009-08-02 Sven GothelFix Spec Documentation; GL version, inclusion criteria...
2009-08-02 Sven GothelBroadcomEGL: Have to reuse existing GL context
2009-08-02 Sven GothelFix doc bug @arg -> @param
2009-08-02 Sven GothelUpdate documentation (OpenGL 3.0, 3.1 specifics); Fix...
2009-08-02 Sven GothelUpdate OpenGL GL2 profile subsumed/promoted extensions...
2009-08-01 Sven GothelOops: Accidently removed AWT Display selection in NEWT
2009-08-01 Sven GothelThe license is in the LICENSE.txt file - duh - reverted
2009-08-01 Sven GothelFix: updateGLProcAddressTable() call order - child...
2009-08-01 Sven GothelCleanup GLSL ShaderUtil/Code; Add dumpCode
2009-08-01 Sven GothelGL3 Related:
2009-08-01 Sven GothelFix: GL2ES1 mapping to GL2ES12 if available
2009-08-01 Sven GothelJOGL:
2009-07-31 Sven GothelGluegen:
2009-07-31 sg215889Fix: CHANGELOG (see repository log for latest changes...
2009-07-31 sg215889Fix SwapInterval (return value, check ctx current,...
2009-07-30 sg215889Fix: Check if windowHandle is already created
2009-07-30 sg215889Fix GL comments
2009-07-30 sg215889Cleanup: Remove NativeWindowFactory.TYPE_BROADCOM_EGL
2009-07-30 sg215889Fix web documentation ..
2009-07-30 sg215889BroadcomEGL: No relase-ctx, no destroy-ctx - FIXME
2009-07-30 sg215889eglBindAPI optional
2009-07-29 sg215889Add BroadcomEGL verbose messages
2009-07-29 sg215889Fix: doxygen-all-pub.cfg; Add NativeWindow: surfaceSwap...
2009-07-29 sg215889Remove redundant getGLProfile() from GL interface
2009-07-29 sg215889Fixed GL* documentation. Moved common GL functions...
2009-07-29 sg215889Refine debug message
2009-07-29 sg215889NEWT: Remove loading of non-existing nativewindow lib...
2009-07-29 sg215889Use getNativeWindowType(custom=true) for factory select...
2009-07-29 sg215889NativeWindow: noNativeAWT if nodesktop
2009-07-29 sg215889Cleanup ..
2009-07-28 sg215889Fix BroadcomEGL: Proper EGLGraphicsConfiguration at...
2009-07-28 Morris MeyerEGL changes for device
2009-07-28 sg215889Cleanup ..
2009-07-28 sg215889Add Custom NativeWindow Type 'BroadcomEGL' (-Dnativewin...
2009-07-27 Morris MeyerMerge branch 'MIPS_PORT' of ssh://MorrisMeyer@git.kenai...
2009-07-27 Morris Meyermips changes
2009-07-26 sg215889Fix: Add gluegen.cpptasks.detect.os call
2009-07-26 sg215889Newt: useKD optional again; macosx jar fix
2009-07-24 sg215889NEWT: Adding KD if building with OpenGL. Fixing build...
2009-07-24 sg215889Add: Extended support for CVM crosscompile:
2009-07-20 sg215889Using commont JAWTUtil for final locking
2009-07-17 sg215889Adding Debug/Trace for GL2ES1 and GL2ES2
2009-07-17 sg215889Fix glPixelStorei pname check - Thx to Chris Campbell
2009-07-15 sg215889Fix CDC JAR unification CDC_CVM_Integration
2009-07-15 sg215889Build CDC named JARs for CVM in default build, no more...
2009-07-15 sg215889Build CDC named JARs for CVM in default build, no more...
2009-07-15 sg215889Build CDC named JARs for CVM in default build, no more...
2009-07-13 sg215889Adding missing GL3 Debug/Trace to gl2 dbg JAR; Verifyin...
2009-07-13 sg215889Add unique CVM lib dir target in cdcfp build scripts
2009-07-13 sg215889Add: Extended support for CVM:
2009-07-09 sg215889Make build scripts independent from setenv scripts GIT_MIGRATION_DONE
2009-07-09 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-08 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-07 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-06 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-05 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-04 Sven GothelFix JNLP files
2009-07-04 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-04 Sven GothelFix jnlp macosx ; Ignore jawt lib loading error
2009-07-04 Sven GothelPush custom loadLibrary handling down to NativeWindow...
2009-07-04 Sven GothelLocal property access package-private (no qualifiers)
2009-07-03 Sven GothelAdding boiler-plate JNLP files
2009-07-03 Sven GothelFix property query. Thx to Ken pointing this out.
2009-07-03 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-03 Sven GothelFix property handling ; Adding jnlp. aliasing for prope...
2009-07-02 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-02 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-01 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-01 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-01 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-07-01 Sven GothelFix win32 make batch
2009-07-01 Sven Gothel- Fixed: JOGL Cg Dependencies ..
2009-06-30 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-29 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-28 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-27 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-26 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-25 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-24 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-22 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-21 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-20 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-19 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-19 Kenneth RusselUpgraded latest official build to 1.1.1a
2009-06-18 Sven Gothel- Removed useless GLX synchronized hacks in X11GLXGraph...
2009-06-18 Sven GothelFix NEWT static singleton init
2009-06-18 gfxadminUpdated nightly build
2009-06-18 Kenneth RusselRefactored static initialization to let the JVM ensure...
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