2011-03-22 endolfUpdate release number after release to central maven... master
2011-03-22 endolftidy up
2011-03-22 endolftidy up
2011-03-22 endolfUse maven to build jutils
2007-06-10 endolfUpdate the locations we install to.
2005-08-30 endolfAnt script modified to build 1.4 compatable byte code
2005-04-28 jeffpkFixed build incompatability with JDK1.5
2004-03-16 jeffpkUpdated to work with JDK1.5 (needs testing)
2004-02-18 djpadded initial version
2003-11-22 athomasupdated navbar
2003-11-22 athomasupdated navbar
2003-11-15 athomasnew navbar to match color scheme. Not so fruity as...
2003-10-11 athomasfixed link to forums to eliminate IE bug
2003-10-01 jeffpk<No Comment Entered>
2003-10-01 jeffpkIgnore list created
2003-10-01 jeffpkItem added to ignoreList
2003-09-30 jeffpkFixed missing @return body
2003-09-30 jeffpkThis version adds a property
2003-09-30 jeffpk<No Comment Entered>
2003-09-30 jeffpkIgnore list created
2003-06-26 athomasadded navbar
2003-06-26 jeffpkImproved plugin scanning so that if you attempt to...
2003-06-12 jeffpkIssue number:
2003-06-07 jeffpkCustom front page. Initial version
2003-06-07 jeffpkThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-06-07 tigriscCommit by Helm::Ccvs
2003-06-07 First LastStandard project directories initialized by cvs2svn. git info: FAQ, tutorial and man pages.