2015-11-12 Sven GothelMerge branch 'UPSTREAM' master
2015-11-12 Sven GothelMerge branch 'UPSTREAM'
2015-11-12 Chris RobinsonRelease 1.17.0 UPSTREAM
2015-11-11 Chris RobinsonUse doubles for the constructed listener matrix
2015-11-11 Chris RobinsonMove the bsincTable to a separate file
2015-11-11 Chris RobinsonUpdate the bsinc table
2015-11-11 Chris RobinsonAdd a tool to generate the bsinc tables
2015-11-09 Chris RobinsonRemove autowah from the excludefx list
2015-11-09 Chris RobinsonUpdate the fix-rate config option description
2015-11-09 Chris RobinsonBuild with -std=c11 if possible
2015-11-08 Chris RobinsonRemove some unused function checks
2015-11-08 Chris RobinsonAdd options to disable Pulse's and ALSA's resamplers
2015-11-07 Chris RobinsonCorrect a comment about the new bsinc resampler
2015-11-07 Chris RobinsonSimplify reverb panning rotations
2015-11-07 Chris RobinsonRemove a const to silence some warnings
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonUse more accurate floating point literals
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonInclude float.h if present before defining math stuff
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonAdd another cast for MSVC
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonUse ALuint instead of size_t for a loop iterator
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonAdd a cast to silence an MSVC warning
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonUse a more appropriate type in MatchFilter
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonCast a double->float return to silence MSVC
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonAdd missing math.h include for sin()
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonPan each early/late delay line separately
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonManually inline and condense the bsinc resampler
2015-11-06 Chris RobinsonRemove an unneeded memset that was overwriting memory
2015-11-05 Chris RobinsonImplement a band-limited sinc resampler
2015-11-05 Chris RobinsonChange the Kaiser rippling limit to -60dB
2015-11-04 Chris RobinsonReplace the Lanczos window with Kaiser for the sinc...
2015-11-01 Chris RobinsonPass in the Q parameter for setting the filter parameters
2015-11-01 Chris RobinsonRemove an unused struct field
2015-11-01 Chris RobinsonFix a comment
2015-10-31 Chris RobinsonAdd an impulse "waveform" to altonegen
2015-10-31 Chris RobinsonUse modff to split the modulation delay components
2015-10-30 Chris RobinsonAdd missing config.h entry for modff
2015-10-29 Chris RobinsonCheck for modff
2015-10-29 Chris RobinsonMix reverb to output in the inner loop
2015-10-29 Chris RobinsonInclude the echo's attenuation of the late reverb in...
2015-10-29 Chris RobinsonDo up to 256 samples per reverb inner loop iteration
2015-10-29 Chris RobinsonAdd an HRTF example
2015-10-29 Chris RobinsonPass the appropriate BackendInfo explicitly to ProbeDevices
2015-10-28 Chris RobinsonPrint enumerated HRTFs in openal-info
2015-10-28 Chris RobinsonFinalize ALC_SOFT_HRTF
2015-10-28 Chris RobinsonRight-align the HRTF Mode label
2015-10-28 Chris RobinsonRemove the Reverb Bost option from alsoft-config
2015-10-28 Chris RobinsonAlways update all reverb properties
2015-10-28 Chris RobinsonDo multiple samples at once in each reverb component
2015-10-27 Chris RobinsonRename ALC_NUM_HRTF_SPECIFIER_SOFT to ALC_NUM_HRTF_SPEC...
2015-10-26 Chris RobinsonAdd a comment about fegetenv possibly saving the SSE...
2015-10-26 Chris RobinsonSet the current gain immediately if the target is close...
2015-10-25 Chris RobinsonUse the correct position in the SSE resamplers for...
2015-10-25 Chris RobinsonFix the SSE4.1 resamplers
2015-10-24 Chris RobinsonRemove a couple unused parameters
2015-10-24 Chris RobinsonLock the source queue for writing when updating the...
2015-10-24 Chris RobinsonFix usage of modf
2015-10-24 Chris RobinsonUpdate filter histories even when they're not used
2015-10-24 Chris RobinsonSet XYZ channel gains for source sends to 0
2015-10-23 Chris RobinsonUse one send gain per buffer channel
2015-10-23 Chris RobinsonReturn the new vector result from aluMatrixVector
2015-10-22 Chris RobinsonConvert the PortAudio backend to the new backend API
2015-10-21 Chris RobinsonRemove the MIDI code
2015-10-20 Chris RobinsonUse NEW_OBJ in a few more places
2015-10-20 Chris RobinsonMake VerifyDevice and VerifyContext modify its parameter
2015-10-18 Chris RobinsonUse the correct realignment size for post-stepping...
2015-10-18 Chris RobinsonRemove unused channel labels
2015-10-17 Chris RobinsonUse the correct array indices for SSE register components
2015-10-16 Chris RobinsonInclude the fractional part with the source sample...
2015-10-16 Chris RobinsonUpdate changelog
2015-10-15 Chris RobinsonRound the calculated stepping value
2015-10-15 Chris RobinsonUse a constant value for the post-position padding
2015-10-15 Chris RobinsonStore the source's previous samples with the voice
2015-10-14 Chris RobinsonFix absolute path detection on Windows
2015-10-14 Chris RobinsonSilence implicit double-to-float cast MSVC warning
2015-10-14 Chris RobinsonProperly limit the calculated source offset components
2015-10-14 Chris RobinsonPrint the wave type being played
2015-10-14 Chris RobinsonMake the tonegen sampling rate match the device rate...
2015-10-13 Chris RobinsonAdd a tone generator test program
2015-10-13 Chris RobinsonShut GCC up
2015-10-13 Chris RobinsonRename a couple HRTF Mode combo box entries
2015-10-13 Chris RobinsonProperly apply fractional source offsets when a user...
2015-10-12 Chris RobinsonFix HRTF group box size
2015-10-12 Chris RobinsonReplace the resample_fir6 declaration with resample_fir8
2015-10-12 Chris RobinsonRemove 96khz from the combo box
2015-10-12 Chris RobinsonReorganize the HRTF group box
2015-10-12 Chris RobinsonOnly show certain options that are available at build...
2015-10-11 Chris RobinsonReformat the CPU Extensions' checkboxes
2015-10-11 Chris RobinsonAvoid multiple sin, cos, and sqrt calls for filter...
2015-10-11 Chris RobinsonUpdate changelog
2015-10-11 Chris RobinsonReplace the sinc6 resampler with sinc8, and make SSE...
2015-10-11 Chris RobinsonMove the FIR4 from SSE2 to SSE3
2015-10-11 Chris RobinsonSlightly improve the FIR4 SSE resamplers
2015-10-09 Chris RobinsonUse doubles to calculate the Lanczos coefficients
2015-10-08 Chris RobinsonUpdate changelog
2015-10-07 Chris RobinsonAllow apps to request a specific HRTF
2015-10-06 Chris RobinsonUse the enumerated HRTF list for selecting an HRTF
2015-10-06 Chris RobinsonStore the Hrtf struct with the corresponding HrtfEntry
2015-10-06 Chris RobinsonTry to use the full path for the CWD instead of .
2015-10-06 Chris RobinsonEnumerate and list HRTFs per-device
2015-10-05 Chris RobinsonSkip empty data directory entries
2015-10-04 Chris RobinsonImplement SearchDataFiles for Windows
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