2006-11-14 Carsten Weisseuse only one of the drivers (jogl/joal or lwjgl) becaus... merge_render-refactoring
2006-10-31 Rene Stoeckelimports cleaned up, independence from individual GL...
2006-10-31 Rene Stoeckelmajor refactoring of the render module
2006-10-31 Rene Stoeckelinitial revision
2006-10-29 Carsten Weisseseparate lwjgl libs directory
2006-10-29 Holger Zicknernew cvs server name
2006-10-28 Carsten Weisseseparate lwjgl libs directory for webstart builds
2006-10-26 Carsten Weisseswitch to lwjgl 1.0beta3
2006-10-26 Carsten Weisseuse name instead of ip
2006-10-26 Carsten Weisseswitch to lwjgl 1.0beta3\r\r(sound and gfx tested on...
2006-10-26 Carsten Weissedisable ATI_WORKAROUND (because of linux renderer crashs)
2006-10-25 Carsten Weissecorrected classpath (joal needs a gluegen runtime lib)
2006-10-25 Carsten Weissejoal via webstart from sun\r\r * patch removed\r * joal...
2006-10-25 Carsten Weissejoal via webstart from sun
2006-10-24 Carsten Weisseswitch to joal 1.0b01
2006-10-24 Carsten Weisseswitch to joal 1.0b01
2006-10-24 Carsten Weissemerge r_0_9_5 into HEAD
2006-08-20 Rene Stoeckelcosmetic
2006-08-20 Rene Stoeckelbugfix
2006-02-13 Holger Zickner*** empty log message ***
2006-01-21 Rene Stoeckelcomment beautification
2006-01-21 Rene Stoeckelspectator bugfix
2006-01-21 Holger Zicknershort Jake2 Eclipse project setup guide
2006-01-20 Rene Stoeckelcomment beautification
2006-01-15 Holger Zicknerdon't write config before archive bits of cvars are set
2006-01-14 Holger Zicknerdirty bugfix
2006-01-11 Holger Zicknerallow to specify a clientport
2006-01-10 Holger Zicknerwas broken by last Jake2 changes
2006-01-10 Holger Zicknerremove '\\' check
2006-01-09 Holger Zicknerjogl-1.1 final
2006-01-08 Holger Zicknerbytonic server as first address book entry
2006-01-08 Holger Zicknerjnlp for deathmatches on bytonic server
2006-01-01 Carsten Weissehandles the 16bit sample byte order (Mac OSX)
2006-01-01 Carsten Weisseuse the system a little endian byte order?
2005-12-27 Rene Stoeckelcode cleanups and beautification
2005-12-18 Carsten Weissebyte[] <--> String
2005-12-18 Carsten Weisseremoved TODO
2005-12-18 Rene Stoeckelcheat bugfix in God_f and Give_f
2005-12-18 Carsten Weissebugfix: resolves the char encoding problem with String...
2005-12-18 Carsten Weisseconvert a java string to byte[] with 8bit latin 1.
2005-12-17 Rene Stoeckelnpe fix in Touch_Items
2005-12-17 Rene Stoeckelnpe fix in SV_BeginDownload_f
2005-12-16 Rene Stoeckelbugfix
2005-12-16 Rene Stoeckellots of bugfixes in redirection
2005-12-16 Rene Stoeckelbugfixes in remote command execution
2005-12-16 Rene Stoeckelbugfix in end dm level when choosing next map from...
2005-12-16 Rene Stoeckelfix - printf does not like zero length strings
2005-12-16 Rene Stoeckelsupport for long maplists
2005-12-14 Rene Stoeckelbugfix in trigger counter use, sequence was completed...
2005-12-13 Rene Stoeckelapplied almost final beautification
2005-12-13 Rene Stoeckelarbitrary kHz support patch - banned javax.sound, bugfi...
2005-12-13 Rene Stoeckellot of beatification and getDefaultSampleRate() added
2005-12-12 Rene Stoeckelbugfix in atov and some beatification
2005-12-12 Rene Stoeckelrecovered carstens bugfix. it was lost because of an...
2005-12-12 Rene Stoeckelbetter bugfix for gravity problem
2005-12-11 Rene Stoeckelfix gravity bug
2005-12-10 Rene Stoeckelbugfix with non decreasing armor
2005-12-10 Rene Stoeckeladded version information
2005-12-06 Carsten Weissebugfix: script was wrong :-(
2005-12-06 Carsten Weissestop cinematics while disconnect;
2005-12-05 Rene Stoeckelfixed bug with ending server in coop mode (always tried...
2005-12-04 Rene Stoeckelfixed bug with ending server in coop mode (always tried...
2005-12-04 Carsten Weissedebug message removed.
2005-12-04 Carsten Weisseavoid stream queue overrun
2005-12-04 Carsten Weissemay be an bad sound driver need it.
2005-12-04 Carsten Weissebugfix: streaming buffers wasn't allocated
2005-12-04 Carsten Weissecinematics sound impl
2005-12-04 Carsten Weissecinematics sound impl (not working yet)
2005-12-04 Carsten Weissecinematics sound impl
2005-12-04 Carsten Weissenew interface
2005-12-04 Carsten Weisseinterface changed for cinematics
2005-12-03 Rene Stoeckelbeatification
2005-12-03 Rene Stoeckelcosmetic
2005-12-03 Rene Stoeckeljavadoc cleanup
2005-12-03 Rene Stoeckelbugfix: Q2Dialog not opened in dedicated mode
2005-12-03 Rene Stoeckelbugfix cinematics failover
2005-12-03 Rene Stoeckelcosmetic
2005-11-28 Holger Zicknerdeveloper start scripts
2005-11-21 Carsten Weissereset the texture buffers
2005-11-21 Carsten Weisseuse a shared texture buffer (DirectBuffer) for cinematics
2005-11-21 Carsten Weissefirst cinematics impl (animation works fine).
2005-11-21 Carsten Weisseadd SCR.RunCinematics()
2005-11-21 Carsten Weisseuse a memory mapped file as video source (ByteBuffer)
2005-11-20 Rene Stoeckelcosmetic
2005-11-20 Rene Stoeckelsavegames are now independend from different jake2...
2005-11-18 Holger Zickner'else' is not supported
2005-11-16 Rene Stoeckelsorted the methods according to their original location...
2005-11-13 Carsten Weisseup merge from branch render-refactoring
2005-10-26 Carsten Weissesolves a bug, reported by Ken Russell from sun.
2005-10-07 Holger Zicknerfixes for OS X
2005-07-01 Holger Zicknernew build requirements
2005-07-01 Holger Zicknerremove timer hack and use new Timer classes
2005-07-01 Holger Zicknerdifferent Timers implementing Milliseconds()
2005-06-30 Holger Zicknerthe new jogl links should guarantee a stable API
2005-06-30 Holger Zicknermake sure not to exceed max line size in Console fixes...
2005-06-28 Holger Zicknerdo not overwrite baseq2 dir
2005-06-28 Holger Zicknerautomatically change to Jake2 dir
2005-06-27 Holger Zicknerfix out of bounds exception in getWavinfo()
2005-06-26 Holger ZicknerparseInt/Long may throw an exception
2005-06-26 Holger Zicknerlast change deleted too much...
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