2004-09-21 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag prerefactoring-2004-09-22
2004-09-21 Holger Zicknerjogl 1.1 version
2004-09-21 Holger Zicknerdialog reorganized
2004-09-21 Holger ZicknerFTP installer
2004-09-20 Carsten Weissechdir (this is the original value)
2004-09-20 Carsten WeissesetVisible(true) is correct
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknermove test method
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknerwebstart icon
2004-09-19 Carsten Weisseerror with stupid import
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknersplash screen with status messages
2004-09-19 Holger Zickneradd resources to jake2.jar
2004-09-19 Holger Zickneradd resources to classpath
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknerset Icon
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknerimages and icons
2004-09-19 Holger Zickneruse property for keystore password
2004-09-19 Holger Zickner*** empty log message ***
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknerwebstart file
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknerbuild signed webstart jars
2004-09-19 Holger Zicknerpreload OpenAL native library, installation in
2004-09-18 Holger Zicknerfix command line argument handling
2004-09-18 Holger Zicknerfirst version of data chooser/installer
2004-09-18 Holger Zickner- use $HOME/.jake2 as first searchpath element
2004-09-15 Carsten Weissedeprecated replaced
2004-09-15 Carsten Weissereformat (Java conventions)
2004-09-12 Holger Zicknerfix out of ammo messages
2004-09-12 Holger Zicknerfix grey bar at bottom in video menu
2004-09-12 Rene Stoeckelfixed an inventory bug and did some cleanups
2004-09-10 Rene Stoeckeldid some cource cleanups
2004-09-08 Carsten Weissesyntax error :-)
2004-09-08 Holger Zicknerusage message
2004-09-08 Holger Zicknerchanges for 0.9.3
2004-09-08 Carsten Weisseuse only ASCII in source :-)
2004-09-08 Carsten Weissedefault target usage
2004-09-08 Holger Zicknerupdate CVS instructions
2004-09-08 Holger Zicknerdefault to freelook
2004-09-08 Holger Zickneradd CVS instructions
2004-09-06 Holger Zicknerdefault to window mode for better compatbility
2004-09-04 Rene Stoeckelsome debug messages removed. m_0_9_3
2004-09-04 Carsten Weissefallback to dummy if the /dev/dsp is locked (linux)
2004-09-04 Rene Stoeckeldebug messages clean up, shotgun switched back to blaster.
2004-08-30 Holger Zicknernew features
2004-08-29 Holger Zicknerremove game_export_t and other dll related stuff
2004-08-29 Holger Zicknerfix linebreak handling in entity strings
2004-08-28 Carsten Weisselayout string for the helpcomputer is now correct
2004-08-27 Holger Zicknerduplicate functions removed
2004-08-27 Holger Zicknerstrncpy(dest, src, size) !!!
2004-08-27 Holger Zicknerdraw help screen
2004-08-27 Holger Zicknerdon't eat the whole cpu when not in game mode
2004-08-23 Holger Zickner- better vid mode selection when switching between...
2004-08-22 Rene Stoeckelbugfix in a touch call.
2004-08-22 Holger Zicknerfix comment handling in Parse()
2004-08-22 Rene Stoeckeltrigger debug messages removed
2004-08-22 Rene Stoeckelcleanups and base3 bugfix for the load and save routines.
2004-08-20 Rene Stoeckelsavegames now seem to work.
2004-08-19 Holger Zicknercommand line completion
2004-08-19 Holger Zicknerdisable FocusTraversalKeys for the GLCanvas
2004-08-18 Holger Zicknerremove Swap class
2004-07-30 Holger Zicknerreplace serverState functions
2004-07-30 Holger Zicknerreplace serverState and game_interface functions
2004-07-30 Holger Zicknerreplace serverState functions
2004-07-28 Holger Zicknerreplace Lib functions
2004-07-28 Holger Zicknerunify string read buffers
2004-07-28 Holger Zicknerfix parser bug
2004-07-27 Holger Zicknerclear s_blocklights again.
2004-07-26 Holger Zicknerreplace Com.d()
2004-07-26 Carsten Weissebugfix
2004-07-23 Holger Zicknerfix download bug
2004-07-23 Holger Zicknerreplace Lib functions
2004-07-20 Carsten Weissehack removed
2004-07-20 Holger Zicknerreplace atof()
2004-07-19 Holger Zicknerprofiling
2004-07-19 Holger Zicknerprofiling
2004-07-19 Holger Zicknerprofiling
2004-07-16 Carsten Weissethis will solve the flickering bug on "Loading"
2004-07-16 Carsten Weisserefimport_t deleted
2004-07-15 Holger Zicknershow all fullscreen modes in menu
2004-07-15 Holger Zicknerfullscreen modes work again
2004-07-15 Holger Zicknerupdate demos
2004-07-15 Holger Zicknershow fullscreen modes in video menu
2004-07-14 Carsten Weissedeprecated java.util.Date replaced
2004-07-13 Carsten Weisseexperimental EAX2.0 support
2004-07-13 Holger Zicknersmall optimizations
2004-07-12 Holger Zicknersmall optimizations
2004-07-12 Holger Zicknercleanups
2004-07-12 Holger Zicknerfix nullpointer exception when first starting with:
2004-07-11 Holger Zickner*** keyword substitution change ***
2004-07-09 Holger Zicknermoving out mid was to optimistic
2004-07-09 Holger Zicknerperformance tweaks
2004-07-09 Holger Zicknerimport of Jake2
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerimport of Jake2 version v_0_9
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerimport of Jake2 version cebit
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerimport of Jake2 version hannover
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerxerces 2.6.2
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerproguard 2.1
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerjogl 1.0
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerjogl 1.0
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerjogl 1.0
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerjoal libs
2004-07-08 Holger Zicknerant 2.6.1
2004-07-07 Holger Zicknerimport of Jake2 version sunrise sunrise git info: FAQ, tutorial and man pages.