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Enhancement; Open

IDPStatusComponentSummary (53 tasks) Votes
1236---CONFIRMEDbuildsSIGFPE during System.load of linux-i586/libgluegen-rt.so seen on Asus EEEPC 900 using libc-2.3.6
1095P3CONFIRMEDinfrastructureEstablish self hosted forum/mailinglist on jogamp.org
1008---IN_PROGRESSbuildsAdopt Automated Validation of Version Semantics
968---IN_PROGRESSsource_codeValidate API Semantics, Implementation and more ..
888---IN_PROGRESSsource_codeValidate CPU Runtime Performance / General performance
887---IN_PROGRESSsource_codeGeneral Performance - Top Bug Entry for Referencing
855P3CONFIRMEDbuildsAdd Android intel-x86 (i686) 32bit [and maybe 64bit] builds
755---CONFIRMEDsource_codeImprove *.README.txt inside jogamp-all-platforms.7z
747---IN_PROGRESSsource_codeValidate memory footprint and usage / General performance.
698P2CONFIRMEDlegalCall for Compliance of Java Technology with the 4 Freedoms of Software
1258P4CONFIRMEDcoreAdd Multiple JNI/Native to Java Callback Generation Techniques
1256P3IN_PROGRESScoreProvide General GlueGen Annotation Processor (Replacing specialized CStruct)
1246P4IN_PROGRESScoregluegen: please add support for Linux ppc64le
488P4IN_PROGRESScoreEnable others architectures under GNU/Linux
803---IN_PROGRESSCoreEstablish Graph-UI Core ..
594P5CONFIRMEDcoreJinput add GlueGen's native JAR libloading
592P5IN_PROGRESScoreMigrate Jinput to JogAmp
1303P4CONFIRMEDopenclAdd ability to use clRetainMemObject() on CLBuffers instead of automatically releasing
1242---CONFIRMEDutilFix 'Texture.updateImage(...)' API and Implementation
1137---CONFIRMEDvulkanAdd Support for Vulkan (group)
1059---IN_PROGRESScoreAUDIT use of intern for String constants and reference comparisons
953P5IN_PROGRESSawtAllow the creation of a BufferedImage from a TextureData
933P4CONFIRMEDopenglForce GLMediaPlayer not to depend on machine time
877---IN_PROGRESScoreConcurrency Discussion: Synchronization, Locking and Non-Blocking Access
794---CONFIRMEDwaylandAdd Wayland Windowing/Surface Interoperability
788---CONFIRMEDawtAdd Better ability to control AWT focus when using NewtCanvasAWT
634P3IN_PROGRESSopenglEnhance Offscreen Layered FBO
626P2CONFIRMEDappletSupport X11/EGL-blit on Rasp.Pi allowing use of AWT and Applets (was: NApplet fail using newt bcm.vc.iv driver)
547P4IN_PROGRESScoreEnable other architectures under GNU/Linux
483P5CONFIRMEDopenglProjectFloat.gluInvertMatrixf() improperly claims some matrices are non-invertible
423P5IN_PROGRESSopenglDDSImage class should provide the correct OpenGL enums and values
398P5CONFIRMEDcoreProvide OSGi Metadata In Builds
310P5CONFIRMEDutilEnhance TextureWriter to support decompression
799---CONFIRMEDJi_Gong_Web (JWeb)JRT Browser Plugin
798---CONFIRMEDJi_Gong_Web (JWeb)Browser Installer (Extension) for JRT + Plugin
797---CONFIRMEDGeneralGeneral Installer of JRT
796---CONFIRMEDGeneralEXE-Bundle JRT + User Application
793---CONFIRMEDJi_Gong_Web (JWeb)Add Pluggable Windowing-Toolkit to IcedTea-Web Plugin - Custom Windowing Plugin (CWP)
792---CONFIRMEDGeneralOpenJDK Subset - JRT Core
791---CONFIRMEDGeneralBuild JRT-Headless (w/o AWT) on all platforms.
790---CONFIRMEDGeneralJi Gong - Purpose, Name & Semantics ..
1348P4IN_PROGRESSx11Add X11 Touch Event Support to Generate NEWT Mouse/Pointer Events
1227---CONFIRMEDembeddedLinuxEventDeviceTracker reports misaligned relative Mouse Coordinates when using NEWT w/ RaspPi 7" TFT
1178---IN_PROGRESSembeddedPrevent dual mousepointers and improve raspberry pi xorg experience when using NEWT BCM VC IV on Raspberry Pi
1100---IN_PROGRESScoreDocumentation of lifecycle-heavy methods
1098---CONFIRMEDcoresetTitle in display() of GLEventListener causes exception when window closes
941---CONFIRMEDcoreadd a GLWindow#setIgnoreRepaint() method
940---CONFIRMEDcoreDo not show frame in desktop bar, constructor argument or property
814---CONFIRMEDcoreEnhance PointerEvent / Deprecate MouseEvent
813---CONFIRMEDcoreAllow InputDevice to be auto-assigned, e.g. via USB Topology (Monitor - Mouse/Keyboard)
812---CONFIRMEDcoreAdd USB Topology / Graph to query device location etc.
795---CONFIRMEDwaylandAdd native Wayland Backend for NEWT
595P5CONFIRMEDcoreNEWT event propagation to Jinput