SW Tracking Report Objectives for the release 2.1.1

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List started on 2013-10-11, concluding Release 2.1.0 - Closed 2013-10-19 - continuation @ Release 2.1.2.

This is a bugfix only release..

Bugs already fixed for this release

IDPStatusSeverityComponentSummary (15 tasks) Votes
862P5RESOLVEDnormalcoreNVidia GTX550 driver 331.13 - 64bit Linux - No compatibility GLProfile (GL2, >= GL3bc)
861---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreNEWT: Unify MouseEvent Processing incl. gesture processing
860---RESOLVEDnormalawtAWT Printing (AWTTilePainter): Shall use the enclosing integer rectangle of the scaled double precision clipping rect
859---RESOLVEDnormalcoreTileRenderer shall detect zero columns and rows in eot() where beginTile() shall throw an EOT IllegalStateException to avoid division by zero
857---RESOLVEDcriticaldefaultGlueGen produces erroneous file URI on Windows, which breaks Netbeans's JarURLStreamHandler
827---RESOLVEDnormalutilShaderProgam helper class reports errors incorrectly
825---RESOLVEDnormalopenclCLContext creation with GLContext sharing returns CL_INVALID_VALUE on Mac OS X
824---RESOLVEDnormalopenclWrong argument order on createFromGLTexture3d
800---RESOLVEDenhancementwindows_8Add Windows 7 Touch Event Support to Generate NEWT Mouse/Pointer Events
773---RESOLVEDenhancementopenclDevice specific JOCL dynamic library look-up on Android
579P4RESOLVEDnormalopenglCLGLTexture2d.createFromGLTexture2d always fails due to passing id and not error to checkForError
573P4RESOLVEDminoropenclBug in putCopyBuffer
553P4RESOLVEDmajoropenclCommandQueue.putCopyImageToBuffer() call to clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer() is incorrect
552P4RESOLVEDmajoropenclCLCommandQueue.putMapImage() call to clEnqueueMapImage() is invalid
365P3RESOLVEDnormalutilBug on javax.media.opengl.glu.GLU.gluBuild2DMipmaps

Bugs to fix for this release w/ low effort (root causes clearly identified, reporter available)

We have no bugs quickly fixable to fix for this release

Bugs to fix for this release w/ medium effort (root cause somewhat understood, reporter available, complex)

We have no bugs not quickly fixable to fix for this release