SW Tracking Report Objectives for the release 2.1.2

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List started on 2013-10-20, concluding Release 2.1.1 - Closed 2013-11-01 - continuation @ Release 2.1.3.

This is a bugfix only release..

Bugs already fixed for this release

IDPStatusSeverityComponentSummary (17 tasks) Votes
885---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreGLMediaPlayer: Allow single threaded mode - Especially where multiple media textures (Android) or shared GL context are not usable.
882---RESOLVEDnormalmacosxJogl 2.1.2-rc-20131031 crash on OSX when closing NEWT window
881---RESOLVEDenhancementbuildsAdd 'Application-Name' in Jar's manifest to avoid Java6 NPEs ..
880---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreAdd Math Utility to Support Converting Values to/from the 'binary16' format as specified in 'IEEE 754 2008'
878---RESOLVEDcriticalawtJAWTWindow's HierarchyListener doesn't set component visible (again) on 'addNotify(..)' - GLCanvas in JtabbedPane disappear
876---RESOLVEDmajorcoreBuildComposablePipeline: getGL*() shall not return downstream.getGL*() [TraceGL* / DebugGL*]
875---RESOLVEDcriticalembeddedRegression of Bug 862 fix: InternalError GLES1ProcAddressTable not matching jogamp.opengl.es3.GLES3
872---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreES3 and ES3-GLSL Version not properly Handled
871---RESOLVEDenhancementinfrastructureAdd optional xcode.clang support for all modules (Extends Bug 837 w/ xcode's xcrun)
870---RESOLVEDminorcoreTracing GL pipelines do not increase the indent when hitting glBegin
868---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreReduce amount of garbage generated in Debug pipeline wrappers
867---RESOLVEDenhancementmacosxOSX: Recognize OpenGL Core Profile > 3.0 (OSX 10.9 supports 4.1 core)
866---RESOLVEDmajorembeddedFrequent IndexOutOfBoundsException in jogamp.opengl.egl.EGLGraphicsConfigurationFactory
865---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreApplets on Safari >= 6.1 [OSX]: IOUtil.getTempDir(..) Cannot determine executable temp directory
849---RESOLVEDenhancementawtAWT GLAutoDrawables (JAWTWindow) shall honor it's parent visibility state
776---RESOLVEDenhancementmacosxAllow sharing a GLContext w/ GLAutoDrawable more conveniently
754---RESOLVEDenhancementgraphRemove Ubuntu fonts from jogl-all.jar, provide it separately to reduce footprint for the masses.

Bugs to fix for this release w/ low effort (root causes clearly identified, reporter available)

We have no bugs quickly fixable to fix for this release

Bugs to fix for this release w/ medium effort (root cause somewhat understood, reporter available, complex)

692P3UNCONFIRMEDnormalopenglSpurious exception thrown when using Vertex Array Objects (VAO) and glDrawElements