SW Tracking Report Objectives for the release 2.1.3

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List started on 2013-11-02, concluding Release 2.1.2 - Closed 2013-12-12 - continuation @ Release 2.1.4.

This is a bugfix and enhancement release..


Bugs already fixed for this release

IDPStatusSeverityComponentSummary (24 tasks) Votes
922---RESOLVEDnormalcoreUnable to preserve resources during NewtCanvasAWT reparenting
919---RESOLVEDnormalwindowsTestNewtKeyCodesAWT w/ NewtCanvasAWT Fails on Windows Due to Clogged Key-Release Event by AWT Robot
918---RESOLVEDenhancementutilFFMPEGMediaPlayer -vid -2 fail to decode and queue audio packets
916---RESOLVEDmajorwindowsNEWT Fullscreen Mode on Windows ALT-TAB doesn't allow Application Switching
915---RESOLVEDnormalcoreGLES2 and GLES3 contexts rejected on Mesa/AMD where ES3 is available since 2.1.1
914---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreDon't allow 'alwaysontop' in fullscreen mode, always allow switching to other applications via ALT-TAB
910---RESOLVEDnormalawtIcedTea Web removes Components from the Applet Container before Applet.stop() causing a Crash.
909---RESOLVEDenhancementawtGLJPanel's singleton AWTGLPixelBuffer derived BufferedImage not re-created when required
908---RESOLVEDminorcoreGluegen doesn't handle URI escaping of reserved character accurately, i.e. double escaping is performed on e.g. '#'.
907---RESOLVEDmajorwindowsAdd Dispatch Thread for Windows DummyWindow's allowing 3rd party applications to retrieve window names (send events)
906---RESOLVEDenhancementawtJAWTWindow Component- and HierarchyListener must be detached at JAWTWindow.destroy() - GLCanvas Recreation Case
905---RESOLVEDenhancementmacosxGLJPanel and GLOffscreenDrawable Performance
904---RESOLVEDenhancementawtGLJPanel: Allow user to skip isGLOriented() based vertical flip of offscreen backend
903---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreNEWT: Support 'Continue Drag on Exit'
902---RESOLVEDnormalutilGLMediaPlayer issue when using a File.toURI generated URI ( windows only )
901---RESOLVEDenhancementwindowsWindows 7 Touch Event Support renders NEWT Vista Incompatible
898---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreCan't control Animator from EDT/Animator thread - notifyAll() not always called in AnimatorBase.finishLifecycleAction(..)
894---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreValidate [offscreen|dummy] Surface Locking and Multithreaded GLOffscreenDrawable Usage
893P1RESOLVEDcriticalwindowsNewtCanvasAWT Lifecycle Race Condition (NPE on shutdown periodically)
891---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreEnhance GLCapabilities-Query from native Configuration (EGL, GLX, WGL) / General Performance
890---RESOLVEDcriticalembeddedJogl 2.1.2 doesn't recognize GL2ES2 profile on GLES3 capable hardware
889---RESOLVEDcriticalawtGLCanvas disappear when moves between two JFrame
879P1RESOLVEDcriticalwindowsThreads deadlock in native keyboardfocus calls made form multiple threads
672P4RESOLVEDblockermacosxNewtCanvasSWT ignore windowing offset on OSX using SashForm

Bugs to fix for this release w/ low effort (root causes clearly identified, reporter available)

We have no bugs quickly fixable to fix for this release

Bugs to fix for this release w/ medium effort (root cause somewhat understood, reporter available, complex)

We have no bugs not quickly fixable to fix for this release