SW Tracking Report Objectives for the release 2.2.0

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List started on 2014-03-12, concluding Release 2.1.5 - Closed 2014-08-07 - continuation @ Release 2.2.1.


Please note that most features below might not get into release 2.2.0, but will be pushed back to the next release.

After finalizing release 2.2.0 .. such entries will be moved to the next version's page, removed from here .. etc.

Graph Cleanup and UI

Dependency Tree

IDPStatusSeverityComponentSummary (2 tasks) Votes
802---RESOLVEDenhancementgraphEnhance Graph Performance w/ Text Rendering
801---RESOLVEDenhancementgraphCleanup Graph API, Remove Redundancies.

Bugs already fixed for this release

IDPStatusSeverityComponentSummary (36 tasks) Votes
1039---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreSpecify behavior of GLEventListener Exceptions occurring while GLAutoDrawable processing
1038---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreAllow skipping detection of certain GLProfiles, i.e. core profiles, >= 4.0, EGL, etc
1037---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreFBObject/GLFBODrawable: Do not assume using a TextureAttachment for a Colorbuffer, also make DEPTH optional.
1036---RESOLVEDmajorwindowsFix NVidia's Windows Driver Threaded optimization bug workaround
1035---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreAllow Gamma [Brightness, Contrast] settings to be performed on display/screen of a NativeSurface
1033---RESOLVEDmajorcoreGuarantee atomicity of high-level GLAutoDrawable operations, avoiding race conditions.
1032---RESOLVEDenhancementbuildsAdd fallback for native-jar-file location via classpath
1031---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreRemove Deprecated Classes and Methods (JOGL)
1030---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreRemove Deprecated Classes and Methods (GlueGen)
1029---RESOLVEDenhancementopenglMemory leak in GLDrawableHelper: 'perThreadInitAction' shall use a WeakReference
1028P3RESOLVEDnormalcoreAMD Windows driver thread hinders JVM process to exit/end, caused by _not_ destroying the SharedResource context
1027---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreAtomics seem to be somewhat broken with NEWT
1025---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreGlueGen: Add accessor for compound fields of type array, pointer and string (code generation)
1024---RESOLVEDmajorbuildsOn jar file location agnosticism
1023---RESOLVEDmajorbuildsjogl-all-noawt (amongst others) Maven packages do not work, requires non-aliased native jar files
1022---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreGlueGen: Add support for compound [array] call-by-value (code generation)
1021---RESOLVEDenhancementutilAdd generic support for stereoscopic renderer, demo w/ OculusVR
1020---RESOLVEDnormalmacosxFirst MSAA FBO frame on a mac osx nvidia card not antialiased
1019---RESOLVEDcriticalmacosxRemedy of Bug 691 causes 'access/modify after free' and crashes the app on OSX
1018---RESOLVEDmajormacosxUse openal-soft on OSX per default (using coreaudio backend)
1016---RESOLVEDnormalawtGLJPanel Offscreen FBO size may exceed GL MAX TEXTURE SIZE, only use an FBO TextureAttachment if required
1015---RESOLVEDmajorcoreWindows IOUtil.getTempDir(..) Cannot determine executable temp directory
1013---RESOLVEDenhancementmacosxNEWT Window content black after switching monitor resolution
1012---RESOLVEDmajormacosxErroneous handling of multiple monitor coordinates on OSX with NEWT
1011---RESOLVEDmajorutilGLMediaPlayer: Sound and video stutter w/ JOAL ALAudioSink using OSX OpenAL impl
1010---RESOLVEDcriticalcoreES3.glPixelStorei: Revalidate GLPixelStorageModes / glPixelStorei must allow pname's other than GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT & GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT
1009---RESOLVEDcriticalcoreFBObject's chooses incompatible format for sampling sink according to ES3 spec.
1004---VERIFIEDnormalappletGLCanvas displays an empty rectangle in Applets on Mac OS X
1001---RESOLVEDnormalmacosxSimple Newt+GL2ES2 App on MacOS 10.9.2 does not respond using jogl-all-noawt.jar (works w/ jogl-all.jar)
993---RESOLVEDenhancementopenglMake JOGL's tracking information public
983---RESOLVEDmajorcoreJava3D webstart crashes when used with Jogl 2.1.4
982---RESOLVEDminorutilTextureIO fails to load some Targa image files
936---RESOLVEDnormalcoreNearer objects show up behind closer objects
923---RESOLVEDenhancementcoreGluegen fails to build from source using JDK8 EA b119
830---RESOLVEDnormalcoreGLDrawableUtil.swapGLContextAndAllGLEventListener: Doesn't work w/ MSAA or AccumBuffer and on- offscreen swap
741---RESOLVEDnormalmacosxEnable Hi-Dpi Mode on OSX (Retina)


Bugs already fixed for this release

IDPStatusSeverityComponentSummary (2 tasks) Votes
1000---RESOLVEDnormalopenclwrong argument order
989---RESOLVEDnormalopenclCLProgramTest.programBinariesTest and LowLevelBindingTest.lowLevelVectorAddTest cause SIGSEGV or EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on AMD cards