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Blocker, critical, major, normal, minor, trivial; Open

IDPStatusSeverityComponentSummary (29 tasks) Votes
1316P4CONFIRMEDnormalbuildsJava 8 expects *.dylib instead of *.jnilib on OS X
1295P4IN_PROGRESSnormalbuildsAdd linux-aarch64 GNU/Linux AArch64 support
1293P4CONFIRMEDnormalinfrastructureJAR signing certificate expired
1201---CONFIRMEDmajorcoreCrash with option "sun.java2d.d3d=false"
1302P4IN_PROGRESSnormalopenclCLKernel missing several constants used to access clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo
1057P2CONFIRMEDmajoropenclWindows [8.1] and Intel i7-4770T CPU / HD Graphics 4600 - CLProgramTest.builderTest Freezes
1003---IN_PROGRESSnormalopenclCreate working test of texture interoperation
988---IN_PROGRESSminorcoreVarious warnings in JOCL build
1294P5IN_PROGRESStrivialopenglShow all information on the default graphics device in JoglVersion
1283P4IN_PROGRESSnormalopenglJogl can't find #include shader relative files
1254P4IN_PROGRESSnormalcoreMonitorDevice.getViewportInWindowUnits().getHeight() returns the display's width on Broadcom VC IV
1167P5IN_PROGRESSminorcoreHeavy performance issue
1064P1IN_PROGRESSmajorgraphFix Graph Font Rendering (group for related bugs)
1062P1IN_PROGRESSmajorembeddedGNU/Linux armhf / i.mx6 (Vivante GC2000 blob) test crash in libGL's glGetString at EGL/ES probing/init
956---CONFIRMEDnormalswtNewtCanvasSWT ignore windowing offset on OSX using ViewForm
947---CONFIRMEDmajormacosxSIGABRT (double free) OSX 10.9 + NV w/ Multithreaded Shared GL Buffers (shared VBOs via shared GLContext) - glDrawArrays
873---CONFIRMEDnormalopenglShared GLContext Usage Causes: 'intel_do_flush_locked: No such file or directory' with Intel's Mesa 9.2.1 Backend for [Sandybridge/Ivybridge] on GNU/Linux
674P4CONFIRMEDmajorswtJOGL/SWT Windowing/Surface Interoperability
647P4CONFIRMEDnormalmacosxSWT scrolling of GLCanvas doesn't work under Mac OS Mountain Lion
501P5CONFIRMEDmajoropenglRendering problems on FreeBSD 8.2
421P4CONFIRMEDnormalutilDDSImage methode getDepth is wrong
373P5CONFIRMEDnormalcgcgSetCompilerIncludeCallback is missing
1317P4IN_PROGRESSmajorcoreJOGL AWT sample crashes on Java 9
1299P4IN_PROGRESSnormalmacosxwarning when using JOGL on Mac OS X El Capitan
1240---CONFIRMEDminorembeddedNEWT bcm.vc.iv only consume one mouse input event per frame
1187---CONFIRMEDnormalx11X11 glamour vc4: X11 IOError Resource temporarily unavailable
1051---IN_PROGRESSnormalswtorg.eclipse.swt.widgets.Menu cannot be created over com.jogamp.newt.swt.NewtCanvasSWT
969---IN_PROGRESSnormalswtNewtCanvasSWT positioning and resizing issues
632P5CONFIRMEDminorcoreNested GLWindows don't resize or honor GLCapabilities setBackgroundOpaque