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IDPStatusSeverityProductComponentSummary (635 tasks)
1339P4RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreSupport for Vertex Attributes in GeometryInfo
1338P4RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreIndexRow of GeometryInfo returns a terrible constant hash value
1337P4RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreVersionInfo defaults isDevPhase to true, which outputs onto err
1334P4RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreJava 3D 1.6 under Parallels fails
1333P4RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreWarning notice in cases where Jogl bug 1278 is in effect
1330P4RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreBug fixes required to ensure a full compile() works
1329P4RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreSceneGraphObject read capability bits set to true by default and this is not configurable.
1327P4RESOLVEDenhancementJava3DcoreAdd a GL2ES2 pipeline to Java3D
1326P4RESOLVEDminorJava3DcoreArrayList usage that results in very slow removeChild calls
1325P4RESOLVEDminorJava3DcoreJoglPipeline.resetRenderingAttributes does not call gl.glDisable(GL.GL_STENCIL_TEST);
1318P4RESOLVEDtrivialJava3DcoreJoglPipeline uses new Frame for capabilities capture, this appears on the taskbar briefly
1289P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglGlsl compiler bug on interpolateAtSample
1282P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglawt"'gl_FragColor' : undeclared identifier" thrown during fragment shader compilation with GL2ES2
1278P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglWindows 10 returns software Profile
1271P4RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreLoad the native libraries from the memory instead of using temporary files
1270P4RESOLVEDnormalJoalcoreFix OSX El Capitan 10.11 stuttering ; Prefer provided OpenAL library over system (default)
1269P4RESOLVEDnormalJoalcoreBump openal-soft to Release 1.17.0
1268P4RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreDynamicLibraryBundleInfo: Add NativeLibrary's 'searchSystemPath' and 'searchSystemPathFirst' attributes
1267P4RESOLVEDnormalNewtmacosxOSX El Capitan: Animated NEWT GLWindow flickers at resize
1252P4RESOLVEDnormalGeneralbuildsThe "slim" and "fat" deployment options source zip's differ 20Mb in size.
1251P4RESOLVEDnormalNewtx11XFCE changes window position after resize XConfigureWindow
1250P4RESOLVEDnormalNewtx11Gnome & Compiz Unity TestDisplayLifecycle02NEWT Assert.assertEquals(false,window1.isVisible()); failed.
1249P1RESOLVEDblockerNewtx11NEWT X11: setVisible(false) IconicState not listening to _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN; setVisible(true) not restoring from _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN
1247P4RESOLVEDnormalNewtawtTestGearsNewtAWTWrapper fail to acquire surface lock on secondary monitor
1245---RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtglXCreateContextAttribsARB crashes w/ Java3D on JTabbedPane (OpenSUSE 13.2, Mesa 10.3.7, Intel Haswell Desktop)
1244---RESOLVEDtrivialJoglcoreMovieSimple: String format %d implicit conversion from boolean to int fails using OpenJDK 1.8
1243---RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreFix IOUtil.cleanPathString(..) special case ; Allow IOUtil and Uri to handle relative path
1241P2RESOLVEDmajorJoglutilUtil's Texture.coords (image coordinates) not updated properly
1239---RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilGLMediaPlayer cannot open camera on OSX
1238---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreFix NPE for Window-Icon's PNGPixelRect for unresolved location, i.e. null URLConnections
1237---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreClarify IOUtil.getResource(..) for better efficiency, i.e. allow caller to skip relative futile lookup
1234---RESOLVEDmajorJoglutilGLReadBufferUtil.readPixelsImpl(..) not using [xy] offset in readTexture.updateSubImage(..)
1233---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreAdd missing range- and pbo-bound checks on glTexture[Sub]Image[123]D*
1232---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtwindowsNEWT Translucent [decorated] Windows Not Working On Windows >= 8 (Lack of Aero / Blur)
1231---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreSporadic failure to end jogamp_exe_tst while determine 'executable temp directory' on Windows
1226---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreGLPixelBuffer.GLPixelAttributes.getPixelFormat() doesn't handle glDataType GL_UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8_REV
1225---RESOLVEDblockerJoglawtNothing is drawn after AWT-Eventqueue thread is interrupted.
1224---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtwindowsJFileChooser dialog opens behind GLWindow (windows)
1223---RESOLVEDminorNewtmacosxGLWindow loses focus after maximizing (OSX)
1222---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtmacosxNEWT OSX: setAlwaysOnTop() and setAlwaysOnBottom() not working
1221---RESOLVEDnormalNewtx11Window reports wrong position after size restored from maximized on X11
1220P1RESOLVEDblockerJoglcoreglTexSubImage3D interprets the z index as third dimension although a 2d array texture has been provided
1219P1RESOLVEDblockerGluegencoreSporadic failure to determine 'executable temp base directory' on Windows by launching an executable file
1215---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglAdd ability to create multiple shared dummy AutoDrawable in GLDrawableFactory
1214---RESOLVEDnormalNewtmacosxNEWT: MacOSX incorrect auto-resize GLWindow when it is larger than screen.
1213---RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreRecursiveThreadGroupLockImpl01Unfairish.unlock() always interrupts original-owner, even if not waiting at unlock()
1212P1RESOLVEDcriticalNativewindowmacosxOSX: Crash using CALayer at UnsetJAWTRootSurfaceLayer0(..) w/ Java 1.8.0_60
1211P2RESOLVEDmajorGeneralsource_codeHardening Condition-Wait from Spurious-Wakeups and unintended InterruptedException(s)
1210---RESOLVEDmajorNativewindowx11Use manual impl. XRenderFindVisualFormat instead of buggy generated version
1209---RESOLVEDmajorNewtcoreRegression of Bug 1188 Patches: Parented Fullscreen Issues (X11, Windows)
1208---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Window: Consider avoiding operations if not supported, see getSupportedStateMask()
1207---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLDebugMessageHandler: Support GL_KHR_debug for Desktop and ES profile
1206---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreSecurity: Clear exposed framebuffer after creation and before visibility
1205---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT Security: Clear onscreen Window content after creation and before visibility
1204---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreCrash on Windows w/ Intel Driver Version or 9.18.xx while destroying offscreen FBO GLAutoDrawable
1203---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix EGL Backend (EGLDrawableFactory) for general Desktop OpenGL Context
1202---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd support of Adaptive Vsync via [GLX|WGL]_EXT_swap_control_tear
1200---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreJOGL crashes on Debian8 GNU/Linux x86_64 'NVidia beta driver 355.06' @ probeSurfacelessCtx
1199---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreAdd setting to disable default window icons
1198---RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtProblem with java 8 + gnome + JOGL + dual screen
1196---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsWinXP UnsatisfiedLinkError newt.dll
1194---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreStop loading native JNI libraries from the 'dangerous' JRE extension search paths
1193---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglcom.jogamp.opengl.util.glsl.ShaderCode doesn't support compute shaders
1192---RESOLVEDnormalNewtx11JamVM crash in Jam_CallVoidMethod called from Java_jogamp_newt_driver_x11_DisplayDriver_DispatchMessages0
1191---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralsource_codeDebug is permanently enabled or permanently disabled for many JogAmp module classes
1188---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Window: Support non-resizable, minimize, maximize, alwaysOnBottom and sticky/all-desktop where supported
1186---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT Window: Use a Bitfield holding all state flags and expose it accordingly.
1185---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcorejvm crashes in [libc.so.6+0x31334] getenv+0xc4 on armv6hf w/ NEWT
1184---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtJOGL AWT Canvas Components don't update AWTGraphicsConfiguration when reconfigured.
1183---RESOLVEDnormalNewtx11NullPointerException at jogamp.newt.driver.x11.ScreenDriver.collectNativeMonitorModesAndDevicesImpl(ScreenDriver.java:124) upon startup
1182P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtAWT Toolkit disableBackgroundErase() ineffective since Java 7, flickering visible at resize of GLCanvas
1181P2RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtJOGL WebStart Applications using GLCanvas/AWT may Deadlock by two AWT-EDT on Java >= 1.8.0_45
1180---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreBuffers.newDirectIntBuffer(int[]) does not set limit
1177---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtembeddedlibnewt.so: undefined symbol: bcm_host_init" when Screen is initialized before OpenGL, commonly seen on Raspberry Pi using Processing 3
1176P2RESOLVEDmajorNewtembeddedMisaligned Mousepointer and Window when using NEWT BCM VC IV on Raspberry Pi
1174---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclUse gluegen/jogl stub includes instead of duplicating them
1172---RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreAlways file native libs in 'natives/os.and.arch'; Allow using maven-assembly-plugin single jar deployment
1171---RESOLVEDnormalJoclcoreFix compilation of jocl-demos
1170---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglswtRemoval Of GTK_WIDGET_WINDOW In SWT 4.5 Causes A JOGL Runtime Error
1168---RESOLVEDmajorJoclopenclGLhandleARB redefined in gltypes.h on osx
1166P3RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreJVMUtil_NewDirectByteBufferCopy corrupts the heap commonly seen during GLX initialization on ARM 32
1161---RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtCanvas resize stops the rendering in Mac OS X
1160---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglContext sharing between offscreen drawable and external GL context results in "createImpl ctx !ARB but ARB is used"
1159P5RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreAWT-free alternative to java.awt.Desktop.browse(URI)
1158---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreWindowsGLContecxt.createimpl returns wrong Profile (1.1) after several iteration
1157---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtAWTTextureIO does not create a Texture from a device-compatible BufferedImage
1155---RESOLVEDblockerJoglopenglBindless vertices rendering
1154---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglappletMake compilation of JOGLNewtApplet3Run VersionApplet3 optional if plugin3-public.jar is missing
1153---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreGlueGen: Support [const] [native] expressions and conversion to java space
1151---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglutilAdd OculusVR SDK 0.5.* Support
1150---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreFix GLContextImpl.createImpl(..) NoARBCreateContext and '!ARB GL >= 3.1' issues
1149---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreReplacing PCPP w/ JCPP, allowing complete macro handling
1148---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtmacosxOSX MonitorDevice: Use unique and native deviceID instead of index
1147---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtx11Fix XRandR13 Usage: Rotate / Change-Mode, use unique CRTC/Mode ids, ..
1146---RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtSwing Tool Tip Causes Incorrect GLContext
1145---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsProvide a JogAmp Big Fat Jar for Beginners [convenient, but inefficient]
1144---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAdd 'DelegateImplementation', manually impl. may delegate to renamed original
1143---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAdd 'DelegateImplementation', where a manually implementation may delegate to the renamed original
1142---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Add support to retrieve the primary MonitorDevice
1141---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsRelease 2.3.0 - Drop all requests here .. (group)
1135---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglSupport EGL 1.5 , ES 3.1 and GL 4.5 (Update to latest version)
1134---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreEnhance GlueGen Compiler: Minimal GL Header Changes _and_ Typesafety
1130---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtawtAdd Mapping from AWT Component -> NEWT [Screen, MonitorDevice]
1129---RESOLVEDmajorNewtwindowsNEWT MonitorDevice on Windows reports wrong physical size [mm]
1126---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreRemove static query requirement of MachineDescriptor, find matching StaticConfig at runtime.
1125---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreMake ELF Reader 'jogamp.common.os.elf' Stateless
1124---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsAndroid Build: Use SDK >= 24.0.2 (build-tools >= 21.1.2) and NDK >= 10d
1123---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAndroid Launcher/ClassLoaderUtil: Fails to work w/ Android 5.* (lollipop/art)
1122P2RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsAdd ARM 64bit build support, add Android ARM 64 bit build
1121---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglopenglWandboard IMX-6 not supported
1120---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreRefine HiDPI Support
1119---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGL* Efficiency: Keep ProcAddressTable instance within GL* instances
1118P5RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsAdd all-natives.jar with fat-jar directory structure we can download using maven
1116---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd OculusVR DK2 Support
1114---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglLarge usage of VBO's results in low native memory and JOGL using a null pointer crashing the VM
1113---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglForce high performance GPU for Nvidia Optimus systems
1112---RESOLVEDcriticalJoclopenclMissing OpenCL devices with java webstart launched JOCL/JOGL
1111---RESOLVEDmajorJava3DcoreJava3D does not dispose correctly after use
1110---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglembeddedMissing native function on jogl_mobile.dll
1109---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreBug Group: TempDir and Uri Issues
1108---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreIOUtil.getTempDir(..): Difficulties to determine executable access permission on Windows via BATCH file execution
1107---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreRefine PixelFormat, GLPixelBuffer and DirectDataBufferInt/BufferedImageInt
1106---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreBitstream: Simplify 'msbFirst' case for bulk operations / Add setting of stream position (optional)
1105---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopengljavax.media.opengl.GLException: AWT-EventQueue-0: WindowsWGLContex.createContextImpl ctx !ARB but ARB is used, profile > GL2 requested (OpenGL >= 3.0.1). Requested: GLProfile[GL4bc/GL4bc.hw], current: 1.1
1104---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglGLMediaPlayer not compatible with FFMPEG/LibAv 2.4.x
1103---RESOLVEDminorJoglcoreUnsatisfiedLinkError caused by Process.exitValue() from testDirExec() returning 1
1102---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAllow ScalableSurface.setSurfaceScale(..) of GLJPanel to happen in-between addNotify() and 1st display/initialization
1099---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtx11Calling setFullscreen from anywhere while warpPointer is being called from a display() method causes locking issues
1096---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglembeddedEGL cleanup and accessibility
1094---RESOLVEDnormalJoglapplet2.2.1 Regression: temporary directory now crashes in applet
1093---RESOLVEDmajorNewtcoreNEWT PointerIcon swizzled on X11 and OSX; WindowIcon swizzled on OSX ([R] -> [B])
1091---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglgraphGraph FontFactory: Add method allowing Font loading via InputStream
1090---RESOLVEDenhancementJava3DcorePublish the Java documentation of Java 3D 1.6.0
1088---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglmacosxOSX 10.9.5: Crash using master GLContext with multiple threads using GLContext sharing with master
1087---RESOLVEDmajorJoglmacosxOSX 10.9.5 - default framebuffer write causes GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION on dummy drawable
1086---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglJOGL crashes with VirtualGL since version 2.1.4
1085---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtGLJPanel regression while printing w/ invisible GLJPanel: Zero size panel size
1084---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreMapped GLProfile's (e.g. GL2ES2, GL2GL3) select software renderer GL4 instead of hardware renderer GL3
1083---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix all backward compatibility issues w/ 2.2.0 and 2.2.1
1082---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreIncr. Robustness of GLDrawableFactoryImpl.createOffscreenDrawable(..) and AWTPrintLifecycle.setupPrint()
1081---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix GLJPanel Regression: Honor pre-init reshape-size at initializeBackendImpl()
1080---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAdd support for memory mapped big file I/O via specialized InputStream and OutputStream, incl. mark/reset
1079---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoresymbolic link in jogl/doc/bouml causes problems
1078---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglNo rendering on Intel Q35 Express under Windows 7
1077---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix GLContextImpl.setRendererQuirks(..) CTX_IMPL_ACCEL_SOFT profile state
1076---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix race conditions in GLDrawableHelper glRunnable and Animator* for unhandled exceptions
1075---RESOLVEDenhancementJoclopenclAdd support for OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0
1074---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreAdd GLRendererQuirks Entry for Mesa 7.2 software, FBO color renderbuffer crash
1073---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix FBObject/GLFBODrawable: Redundancies, bind/unbind, renderbuffer depth/stencil bits
1072---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLJPanel: Allow reconfiguration of offscreen's GLCapabilitiesImmutable
1071---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix AnimatorBase.finishLifecycleAction(): Non blocking call shall return true, success.
1070---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix glPixelStorei issues w/ ES3 and OpenGL 1.1
1069---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreProvide some information about the OpenGL renderer early without requiring the creation of a drawable
1068---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAllow GLContext creation and makeCurrent without default framebuffer for OpenGL >= 3.0 (for offscreen / GLFBODrawable usage)
1067---RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreIOUtil.testDirExec(File) needs to preserve SPACE in exetst.getCanonicalPath() command
1066---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreEvaluate high-frequency usage of synchronizing glGetError(), e.g. GLBufferObjectTracker and GLBufferStateTracker
1065---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtmacosxNEWT crash at WindowDriver.initIds0(): TISGetInputSourceProperty(keyboard, kTISPropertyUnicodeKeyLayoutData) returns NULL
1063---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreUtilize own Uri and Uri.Encoded class w/ proper encoding and differentiating encoded/decoded variants by type
1060---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglprovide a method to know whether JOGL (GLProfile) has been initialized, without initializing
1058---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreFix GLContext.getGLSLVersionString(): Add 'profile' after version for GLSL >= 150 allowing GLSL compatibility profile
1056---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreWrong guess on the endianness of powerpc
1055---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreAccess and query shared master GLContext in a deterministic fashion ; Don't use arbitrary shared context as 'master'.
1054---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreGLContext: makeCurrent() needs a null-check of [mutable] drawable; Review null checks and synchronization/locking.
1053---RESOLVEDblockerGluegencoreGluegen build fails on OSX / java 8
1052---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglWrong GLProfile mapping: GL4ES3 -> GL3, allowed are only [GL4bc, GL4 and GLES3]
1050---RESOLVEDblockerGeneralbuilds32 bit compiling on macosx is broken
1048---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxMultiple windows not rendering on Java 7 on OSX with NewtCanvasAWT
1047---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopengljogamp.opengl.glu.mipmap.Mipmap badly parses the GL version when using Mesa OpenGL ES
1046---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreCrash (jvm segfault) when using a one-jar
1044---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglOffscreen drawable AWT/ImageIO results in black image on OSX/[Java7-Java8]
1043---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglAdd Tessellation Control and Evaluation Shader Support
1042---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd autodetection of image type in TextureIO
1039---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreSpecify behavior of GLEventListener Exceptions occurring while GLAutoDrawable processing
1038---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAllow skipping detection of certain GLProfiles, i.e. core profiles, >= 4.0, EGL, etc
1037---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreFBObject/GLFBODrawable: Do not assume using a TextureAttachment for a Colorbuffer, also make DEPTH optional.
1036---RESOLVEDmajorJoglwindowsFix NVidia's Windows Driver Threaded optimization bug workaround
1035---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAllow Gamma [Brightness, Contrast] settings to be performed on display/screen of a NativeSurface
1033---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreGuarantee atomicity of high-level GLAutoDrawable operations, avoiding race conditions.
1032---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsAdd fallback for native-jar-file location via classpath
1031---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreRemove Deprecated Classes and Methods (JOGL)
1030---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreRemove Deprecated Classes and Methods (GlueGen)
1029---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglMemory leak in GLDrawableHelper: 'perThreadInitAction' shall use a WeakReference
1028P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreAMD Windows driver thread hinders JVM process to exit/end, caused by _not_ destroying the SharedResource context
1027---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreAtomics seem to be somewhat broken with NEWT
1025---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreGlueGen: Add accessor for compound fields of type array, pointer and string (code generation)
1024---RESOLVEDmajorGeneralbuildsOn jar file location agnosticism
1023---RESOLVEDmajorGeneralbuildsjogl-all-noawt (amongst others) Maven packages do not work, requires non-aliased native jar files
1022---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreGlueGen: Add support for compound [array] call-by-value (code generation)
1021---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglutilAdd generic support for stereoscopic renderer, demo w/ OculusVR
1020---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxFirst MSAA FBO frame on a mac osx nvidia card not antialiased
1019---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxRemedy of Bug 691 causes 'access/modify after free' and crashes the app on OSX
1018---RESOLVEDmajorJoalmacosxUse openal-soft on OSX per default (using coreaudio backend)
1017---RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilTextureIO.write(Texture, File) throws GLException Not a GL2 implementation on GL3 contexts
1016---RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtGLJPanel Offscreen FBO size may exceed GL MAX TEXTURE SIZE, only use an FBO TextureAttachment if required
1015---RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreWindows IOUtil.getTempDir(..) Cannot determine executable temp directory
1014---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoresupport for mips/mipsel in gluegen2 version 2.1.5
1013---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtmacosxNEWT Window content black after switching monitor resolution
1012---RESOLVEDmajorNewtmacosxErroneous handling of multiple monitor coordinates on OSX with NEWT
1011---RESOLVEDmajorJoglutilGLMediaPlayer: Sound and video stutter w/ JOAL ALAudioSink using OSX OpenAL impl
1010---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglcoreES3.glPixelStorei: Revalidate GLPixelStorageModes / glPixelStorei must allow pname's other than GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT & GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT
1009---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglcoreFBObject's chooses incompatible format for sampling sink according to ES3 spec.
1006---RESOLVEDnormalJava3DcoreTransformation applied to a texture is also applied to post render graphics
1005P1RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralinfrastructureSIGGRAPH 2014 [2014 08 10–14, Vancouver, BC, Canada] - JogAmp BOF 2014-08-11 3:00 PM
1001---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxSimple Newt+GL2ES2 App on MacOS 10.9.2 does not respond using jogl-all-noawt.jar (works w/ jogl-all.jar)
1000---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclwrong argument order
999---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsDeployment scripts now manage to deploy source jars as code jars
998---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsDeployment scripts now manage to deploy source jars as code jars
997---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreError on dispose
994---RESOLVEDminorGluegencoreCStructAnnotationProcessor emits warning under Java 7
993---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglMake JOGL's tracking information public
992---RESOLVEDminorGluegencoreAdd ability to suppress "skipping emission of unnamed struct" warnings
991---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsSome files are not being deployed by the maven scripts
990---RESOLVEDminorGluegencoregluegen emits code for JOCL that causes compiler warnings
989---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclCLProgramTest.programBinariesTest and LowLevelBindingTest.lowLevelVectorAddTest cause SIGSEGV or EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on AMD cards
987---RESOLVEDminorGluegencore7z and sed invocations fail on Windows systems with spaces in pathname
984---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglGLBufferObjectTracker.mapBuffer() calls mapBufferImpl() with incorrect parameters
983---RESOLVEDmajorJava3DcoreJava3D webstart crashes when used with Jogl 2.1.4
982---RESOLVEDminorJoglutilTextureIO fails to load some Targa image files
981---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclcom.jogamp.opencl.[Low|High]LevelBindingTest fail on OS X 10.6 with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory
980---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAdd versatile Bitstream implementation
979---RESOLVEDmajorJoclopenclCLBuffer.createSubBuffer(..) does not consider CL_DEVICE_MEM_BASE_ADDR_ALIGN
978---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclJUnit tests all fail on Solaris
977---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxNEWT OSX MouseListener does not receive move events if windows is maximized
976---RESOLVEDblockerJoglwindowsJVM crash jogl 2.1.4 wglCreateContextAttribsARB webstart
975---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtGLJPanel's OffscreenDrawable shall not double swap (custom swap by GLEventListener using [AWT]GLReadBufferUtil)
974---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglAdd missing [GL4] glMultiDrawArraysIndirect(int mode, int type, long indirect_offset, int drawcount, int stride)
972---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreReduce ClassLoader Lookup, i.e. Class.forName(..)
971---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreIOUtil.toURL specificURI strips first component of absolute -jar path, treats relative -jar paths as absolute
970---RESOLVEDmajorNewtmacosxNEWT OSX ChildWindow setVisible(..) does not hide child window appropriately
966---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglShader class
965---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreImplement the ability to prevent the user from resizing the newt window
964---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclcom.jogamp.opencl.CLProgramTest:builderTest causes CL_INVALID_VALUE
963---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclcom.jogamp.opencl.CLProgramTest:programBinariesTest causes SIGSEGV
962---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtAWTGLReadBufferUtil should use aligned BufferedImage [for resized images]; Fix GLReadBufferUtil GL_PACK_ROW_LENGTH
961---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglAdd workaround(s) for 'Mesa 8.0.5 X11 SWRAST' issues (glXGetFBConfigAttrib, glXMakeContextCurrent)
960---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclCLCommandQueueTest.concurrencyTest() throws ConcurrentModificationException on context cleanup
959---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclCLCommandQueueTest.concurrencyTest() doesn't set the local work size correctly for put1DRangeKernel()
958P1RESOLVEDcriticalGluegencoreAdd support for OpenJDK version notation
957---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclIllegalArgumentException in jocl-demos julia3D
952P2RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtJAWTWindow's JAWTComponentListener may deadlock due to AWTTreeLock acquisition
951---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsAdapt to Oracle's 7u51 Deployment Changes
950---RESOLVEDmajorJoclopenglRecognize full FBO capabilities for ES 3.0 - [GLContext|GL].hasFullFBOSupport() == true
949---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglremoveGLEventListener method apparently missing from GLAutoDrawable in 2.1.3
948---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglNVIDIA 331.38 (Linux X11) EGL impl. only supports _one_ EGL Display via eglGetDisplay(..)
946---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxAWT frame resize doesn't properly resize/reposition GLCanvas in 2.1.3
945---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreGlueGen's IOUtil does not consider file URI's authority when converting to file-path or URL (Windows UNC / share host)
944---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencorePlatform doesn't parse early-access java-version string properly (JAVA_VERSION_UPDATE)
943---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLBufferStateTracker shall support tracking all possible buffer targets ..
942---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreTrack GLBufferObject's Data-Store and it's NIO mapped buffers accurately, synchronized and secure.
939---RESOLVEDblockerJoglawt2.1.3 Problem on Linux
938P1RESOLVEDcriticalJoglopenglMemoryObject.java has no more equals() method
937---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxJAWTWindow: Unsatisfying Visibility Computation (was: Canvas in CardLayout always visible)
936---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreNearer objects show up behind closer objects
935---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Add support for custom [Mouse] Pointer Icons
934---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Add support for custom Application/Window Icons
932P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglcorejavax.media.opengl.GLProfile.initSingleton() crashes in native code with Intel Graphics driver in standard configuration on Windows 7
931---RESOLVEDmajorJoglmacosxOSX: v2.0.2-rc12 causes a SIGABRT with Applets (Safari, Firefox, .. and JVM 7u45)
930---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglmacosxOSX: Using 'Apple Software Renderer' GLRendererQuirks Quirk GL4NeedsGL3Request not set
929---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreReflect ES3 Compatibility with ES2
928---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtJAWTWindow's JAWTComponentListener _not_ attached and original visibility state not restored @ detach.
927P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilMultithreading (MT) issues with ALAudioSink (openal-soft) and minor MT issues w/ libav/ffmpeg
926---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuilds2.1.3 reports 2.1.3-rc-20131212 - Fix version for 2.1.4 !
925---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAccept an ES3 Context, if reported via GL-Version-String w/o EGL_OPENGL_ES3_BIT_KHR
924---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtx11NewtCanvasAWT XEventsQueued crash during reparent of undecorated fullscreen window
923---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreGluegen fails to build from source using JDK8 EA b119
922---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreUnable to preserve resources during NewtCanvasAWT reparenting
920---RESOLVEDblockerJoclopenclJOCL does not work on windows with 32 bit vm
919---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsTestNewtKeyCodesAWT w/ NewtCanvasAWT Fails on Windows Due to Clogged Key-Release Event by AWT Robot
918---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglutilFFMPEGMediaPlayer -vid -2 fail to decode and queue audio packets
917---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglImproved Buffer Object Extension Checks Can Break Custom GL Subclasses
916---RESOLVEDmajorNewtwindowsNEWT Fullscreen Mode on Windows ALT-TAB doesn't allow Application Switching
915---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreGLES2 and GLES3 contexts rejected on Mesa/AMD where ES3 is available since 2.1.1
914---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreDon't allow 'alwaysontop' in fullscreen mode, always allow switching to other applications via ALT-TAB
912---RESOLVEDenhancementDefaultdefaultIcedTea-web 1.5+ bf80f38923af RuntimeException: Multiple main JARs specified, refusing to continue.
911---RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtSwing paint too late after switch from GLCanvas
910---RESOLVEDnormalNewtawtIcedTea Web removes Components from the Applet Container before Applet.stop() causing a Crash.
909---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtGLJPanel's singleton AWTGLPixelBuffer derived BufferedImage not re-created when required
908---RESOLVEDminorGluegencoreGluegen doesn't handle URI escaping of reserved character accurately, i.e. double escaping is performed on e.g. '#'.
907---RESOLVEDmajorJoglwindowsAdd Dispatch Thread for Windows DummyWindow's allowing 3rd party applications to retrieve window names (send events)
906---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtJAWTWindow Component- and HierarchyListener must be detached at JAWTWindow.destroy() - GLCanvas Recreation Case
905---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglmacosxGLJPanel and GLOffscreenDrawable Performance
904---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtGLJPanel: Allow user to skip isGLOriented() based vertical flip of offscreen backend
903---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Support 'Continue Drag on Exit'
902---RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilGLMediaPlayer issue when using a File.toURI generated URI ( windows only )
901---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtwindowsWindows 7 Touch Event Support renders NEWT Vista Incompatible
900---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsNo newt on windows 7. UnsatisfiedLinkError: jogamp.newt.driver.windows.ScreenDriver.getAdapterName0
899---RESOLVEDmajorJoglwindowsJogl blocks other applications that try to retrieve window names
898---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreCan't control Animator from EDT/Animator thread - notifyAll() not always called in AnimatorBase.finishLifecycleAction(..)
896---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreUse EGL_KHR_create_context allowing EGLContext to create OpenGL Destop Contex and using Debug profiles (for desktop and mobile)
894---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreValidate [offscreen|dummy] Surface Locking and Multithreaded GLOffscreenDrawable Usage
893P1RESOLVEDcriticalNewtwindowsNewtCanvasAWT Lifecycle Race Condition (NPE on shutdown periodically)
892P5RESOLVEDminorNewtwindowsNewt and Java focus gained and lost events are inconsistent
891---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreEnhance GLCapabilities-Query from native Configuration (EGL, GLX, WGL) / General Performance
890---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglembeddedJogl 2.1.2 doesn't recognize GL2ES2 profile on GLES3 capable hardware
889---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglawtGLCanvas disappear when moves between two JFrame
886---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglcorejogl-all-natives-linux-amd64.jar content has not changed in new release
885---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLMediaPlayer: Allow single threaded mode - Especially where multiple media textures (Android) or shared GL context are not usable.
884P1RESOLVEDenhancementJoclcoreReplace JOCL's build.xml with manual version for better maintenance (dropping NB templates)
883---RESOLVEDmajorNewtmacosxNEWT: Crash on 'manual' triggered Window closing due to 'gone JVM'
882---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxJogl 2.1.2-rc-20131031 crash on OSX when closing NEWT window
881---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralbuildsAdd 'Application-Name' in Jar's manifest to avoid Java6 NPEs ..
880---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd Math Utility to Support Converting Values to/from the 'binary16' format as specified in 'IEEE 754 2008'
879P1RESOLVEDcriticalNewtwindowsThreads deadlock in native keyboardfocus calls made form multiple threads
878---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglawtJAWTWindow's HierarchyListener doesn't set component visible (again) on 'addNotify(..)' - GLCanvas in JtabbedPane disappear
876---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreBuildComposablePipeline: getGL*() shall not return downstream.getGL*() [TraceGL* / DebugGL*]
875---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglembeddedRegression of Bug 862 fix: InternalError GLES1ProcAddressTable not matching jogamp.opengl.es3.GLES3
872---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreES3 and ES3-GLSL Version not properly Handled
871---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralinfrastructureAdd optional xcode.clang support for all modules (Extends Bug 837 w/ xcode's xcrun)
870---RESOLVEDminorJoglcoreTracing GL pipelines do not increase the indent when hitting glBegin
869---RESOLVEDmajorJoglmacosxGLEventListener#init not called from GLWindow OSX 10.9
868---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreReduce amount of garbage generated in Debug pipeline wrappers
867---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglmacosxOSX: Recognize OpenGL Core Profile > 3.0 (OSX 10.9 supports 4.1 core)
866---RESOLVEDmajorJoglembeddedFrequent IndexOutOfBoundsException in jogamp.opengl.egl.EGLGraphicsConfigurationFactory
865---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreApplets on Safari >= 6.1 [OSX]: IOUtil.getTempDir(..) Cannot determine executable temp directory
864P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxJOGL 2.1.1 does not work for GL3 on Mac OS X whereas 2.1.0 works
863---RESOLVEDenhancementJoclcoreAndroid: Add JOCL Version Info Test
862P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreNVidia GTX550 driver 331.13 - 64bit Linux - No compatibility GLProfile (GL2, >= GL3bc)
861---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Unify MouseEvent Processing incl. gesture processing
860---RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtAWT Printing (AWTTilePainter): Shall use the enclosing integer rectangle of the scaled double precision clipping rect
859---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreTileRenderer shall detect zero columns and rows in eot() where beginTile() shall throw an EOT IllegalStateException to avoid division by zero
858---RESOLVEDmajorNewtwindowsMouseExit event fired on Mouse Mouse Wheel
857---RESOLVEDcriticalDefaultdefaultGlueGen produces erroneous file URI on Windows, which breaks Netbeans's JarURLStreamHandler
856P5RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAndroid: Support dual ABI (x86 i686 *and* ARMv7arm), i.e. pick 'best' ABI
854---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreJogl crash with mesa driver under linux
853P3RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAndroid w/ Intel [Atom] CPU failure when gluegen Platform inits
852---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreProperly reflect OpenGL-core >= 3.1 and ES >= 3.0 API functions restricted to Buffer Objects
851---RESOLVEDblockerJoglembeddedJogl 2.0.2 doesn't find any GLProfile on Android
850---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglFFMPEGMediaPlayer is not able to load native avformat DLL
849---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtAWT GLAutoDrawables (JAWTWindow) shall honor it's parent visibility state
848---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglmacosxApplet on OSX w/ CALayer and 2 or more GLCanvas may 'crash'
847---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglmacosxOverlaying Swing components atop GLJPanel not working on Mac OS Java 7
846---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreFix issue w/ 'one-jar' (Similar feature as Eclipse's jar-in-jar Bug 522 Comment 7)
845---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAllow (discouraged) use of one big-fat jar file [java classes plus all native 'os.and.arch' libraries]
844---RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreProblem when starting an Eclipse jar-in-jar configuration
843---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreRemove Platform's requirement and use of TempJarCache.bootstrapNativeLib(), allowing versatile use of 1st native jar file (multi-java-jar w/ multi-native-jar)
842---RESOLVEDminorJoglawtGLJPanel's GLSL Image flip method requires glFrontFace to be GL_CCW
841---RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtGLJPanel "lagging" by one frame.
840---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreIllegalThreadStateException at DefaultEDTUtil.restart() when re-launch NEWT Applet (JOGLNewtApplet1Run)
839---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreClarify GLStateTracker enabled/disabled state, obfuscated by 83d3a3f2ea8dc328e621b3abbe671f46379c7e65
838---RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtglReadPixels is receiving data in the wrong order with certain display drivers
837---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralinfrastructureAdd optional clang support for all modules
836---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11Exiting full screen issues a reshape back to the full screen resolution.
835---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreJOGL v2.0.2 compiled to target Java7 instead of Java6
833---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralinfrastructureBuild Windows 32bit and 64bit w/ new MingW64 Toolchain
832---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLMediaPlayer: Support multiple versions of FFMPEG/Libav, solve binary incompatibility problem
831---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLMediaPlayer: Use lock free Multithreaded Decoding (StreamWorker) decoupled from user animation thread.
830---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreGLDrawableUtil.swapGLContextAndAllGLEventListener: Doesn't work w/ MSAA or AccumBuffer and on- offscreen swap
829---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtAdd AWT Printing Support
828---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreEnhance TileRenderer (Fixed tile-size, arbitrary tile-size, custom PMV matrix, GLAutoDrawable support, ..)
827---RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilShaderProgam helper class reports errors incorrectly
826---RESOLVEDminorJoglawtGLJPanel not unbinding the texture
825---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclCLContext creation with GLContext sharing returns CL_INVALID_VALUE on Mac OS X
824---RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenclWrong argument order on createFromGLTexture3d
821---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGL2ES2 backward compatibility broken using OpenGL 4.3.0 NVIDIA drivers
820---RESOLVEDcriticalGluegencoreURI Regressions in IOUtil/JarUtil with [un]escaped chars (was: TextRender curve shaders don't load if library path contains a space)
819---RESOLVEDblockerJoglmacosxcompilation fails to locate JavaVM.framework/Libraries
818---RESOLVEDblockerJoglmacosxJOGL 2.0.2 crash on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with GLJPanel
817---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreGLContextImpl's getDefaultPixelDataType()/getDefaultPixelDataFormat() returns 0
816---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxGLCanvas and NewtCanvasAWT Positioned permanently on lower left corner
815---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGL*: Change glIs<Buffer>Enabled() -> glIs<Buffer>Bound() to reflect semanics - Also fix the exception message (enabled/disabled -> bound/unbound)
810---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreJOGL should only try to load the native libraries supported by the operating system
806---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLMediaPlayer/video: Add Input Device Support (Camera ..)
802---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglgraphEnhance Graph Performance w/ Text Rendering
801---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglgraphCleanup Graph API, Remove Redundancies.
800---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtwindows_8Add Windows 7 Touch Event Support to Generate NEWT Mouse/Pointer Events
789---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglRequire entry points GL4.glDrawArraysIndirect(int, long) and GL4.glDrawElementsIndirect(int, int, long)
787---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreGLProfile Selection: Favor core profiles on all platforms if a common abstract profile is requested, e.g. GL2ES2
786---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreRemove duplicate Debug* and Trace* pipeline generated code - Use simple wrappers using the main wrappers.
785---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd OpenGL 4.3 and OpenGL ES 3.0 Support
784---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsF10 Key in windows does not send WM_KEYDOWN
783---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsNull pointer on frame disposal
782---RESOLVEDmajorJoglappletAccessControlException using jogl.debug.TextRenderer in applet
781P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11JAWTWindow.java Random Freeze on lockSurfaceImpl
780---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: EDTUtil: Exposed weakness of EDTUtil usage due to usage of WeakReference, i.e. higher retention of Display instances.
779---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Use WeakReferences for Display, Screen and Window Caches
778---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtGLJPanel: Add API entry to define texture-unit for FBO/GLSL usage
777---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreBump PNGJ to git sha1 a0b1101ba2d37de39428ed55c8189502e24a3125 of https://code.google.com/p/pngj
776---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglmacosxAllow sharing a GLContext w/ GLAutoDrawable more conveniently
775---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreLook for native's jar using classloader
774---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreGL3bc profile returned for 3.1 core context
773---RESOLVEDenhancementJoclopenclDevice specific JOCL dynamic library look-up on Android
771---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT MonitorMode change post fullscreen: Window's size shall adapt.
770---RESOLVEDmajorNewtx11NEWT/X11 Fullscreen: _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN may result in ConfigureNotify event w/ virtual screen size, instead of monitor-mode size (NV + Fglrx)
769---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxTexturing has broken in going from rc11 to rc12
768---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtwindowsNEWT KeyEvent keyCode is zero on Windows for control keys excl. NUMPAD
767---RESOLVEDminorNewtawtwhitespace key events are classified as 'non printable'
766---RESOLVEDmajorNewtcoreCertain NEWT keyPressed events (e.g. VK_UP, while VK_DOWN is down) don't fire on Windows.
765---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglglMultiDrawElementsBaseVertex is missing
764---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglglDrawElementBaseVertex cannot be used with ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER objects
763---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglGL2GL3.glCreateShaderProgramv has bad signature and does not work
762---RESOLVEDenhancementDefaultdefaultToo many users on the JogAmp Nabble forum; forum needs replacement
761---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtx11Crash during X11 shutdown using AMD fglrx driver
760P1RESOLVEDcriticalGluegencoreSecurity: Constrain access to native function handles and their retrieval.
759---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreNo Rendering Results w/ Mesa 9.2.0-devel and Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS880
758P1RESOLVEDmajorGeneralinfrastructureBuild all and test JogAmp Modules w/ Java7 targeting Java6 bytecode for security reasons. Apply JAR Manifest tags: Sealed, Permissions and Codebase
757---RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreRegression of URL to URI conversion (Bug 683, Commit b98825eb7cfb61aead4a7dff57471cd2d2c26823)
756---RESOLVEDnormalNewtx11Spurious freeze and/or NullPointerException when running a JOGL NEWT application within Eclipse
754---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglgraphRemove Ubuntu fonts from jogl-all.jar, provide it separately to reduce footprint for the masses.
753---RESOLVEDmajorJoglmacosxRendering w/ CALayer shall not hog the GPU, otherwise heavy stuttering due to lack of proper GL multithreading.
752P1RESOLVEDnormalGeneralsource_codeReview Code Vulnerabilities (Permission Checks of new exposed code and privileged access)
751---RESOLVEDblockerGluegenopenglbuild fails on OS X due to wrong classes.jar path
750P4RESOLVEDminorJoglx11Leaked X11 ColorMap for each created X11 Window in NativeWindow (dummy) and NEWT
749---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreSolaris SPARC builds require extra steps
748---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcorePMVMatrix gluProject and gluUnProject broken w/ backingArray (default)
745---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglloading jpeg image causing NullPointerException
744---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglRLE encoded tga images support
743---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglQuaternion patch
742---RESOLVEDcriticalGeneralinfrastructureMove jogamp.org to new machine due to need for reliable healing filesystem (ZFS)
741---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxEnable Hi-Dpi Mode on OSX (Retina)
738---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxEXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) in jogamp.nativewindow.jawt.macosx.MacOSXJAWTWindow.SetJAWTRootSurfaceLayer0
737---RESOLVEDblockerJoglcoreGLSL Version [1.30 .. 1.50[ requires [default] precision at least for fragment Shader float values
736---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglGLArrayDataServer.createData with dataType=GL_UNSIGNED_INT causing exception
735---RESOLVEDmajorJoglmacosxScreen is not updated when using invoke() method on OSX
734---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreScreen rotation broken under Linux
733---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreGLWindow.warpPointer() causes slowdowns under Windows
732P5RESOLVEDenhancementJoglembeddedAdd some support of Android 2.0 into JOGL/NEWT
731---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtGLJPanel: Reduce JVM/CPU Heap Memory Usage - Share IntBuffer for readPixel/flip-vert
730---RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtDragging a frame with a GLCanvas from one screen to another does not work as expected
729P5RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxOSX CALayer shall honor the Component's visibility state (was: Could not make OSX CALayer'ed GLCanvas invisible via CardLayout switching cards)
728---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxJava Web Start: Exception "java.lang.IllegalStateException: zip file closed"
727---RESOLVEDenhancementGeneralsource_codeMissing documentation for JogAmp module utility classes.
726---RESOLVEDnormalNewtawtFirst GLWindow in first NewtCanvasAWT doesn't get .repaint(), when there are other windows
725---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreFFMPEGMediaPlayer audio frame decode and playback
724---RESOLVEDmajorJoglutilLoading transparent PNG without alpha channel into Texture
723P4RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreWrong keys with the AZERTY keyboard layout
722P1RESOLVEDcriticalJoglcoreGLEventListenerState doesn't track AbstractGraphicsDevice's Toolkit Lock. It also shall lock the GLAutoDrawable's NativeSurface while operating.
721P3RESOLVEDenhancementNewtx11NEWT/X11: Add Support for RandR 1.3
720---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglcoreUnify all platform specific GLContextImpl specializations - Allowing to swap on- and offscreen GLDrawables w/ unique GLContext instance
719---RESOLVEDmajorJoglwindowsWindows BITMAP Offscreen Orientation is not propagated through API (i.e. vertically flipped when read-out w/ OpenGL API via glReadPixels())
718---RESOLVEDmajorJoglwindowsWindows BITMAP Offscreen Fails w/ GLCaps other than simple RGB888
717---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd OpenGL ES 3.0 Support
716P2RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreAdd OpenGL 4.3 Support
715---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreglGetIntegerv Can Possibly Pass A Bad Pointer To ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical
714---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglGL Constants not defined
713---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopengllibEGL Warning: Could not open egl_softpipe.so
711---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreGraph's Curve shader code version is not aligned against GLSL version
709P5RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglTexturing with Newt and FBO flag partly corrupt
708---RESOLVEDnormalJoalcoreALFactory doesn't catch the real exceptions thrown when the loading of OpenAL fails
707P3RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsNEWT EVENT_MOUSE_EXITED not sent on Windows
706P1RESOLVEDcriticalJoglwindowsJOGL crashes under Windows 7 (32 bits & 64 bits) with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370
705P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreJVM crashes when System.exit(0) is called w/ Mesa X11 SW Driver < 8.0
704---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11PBuffer not working on Xvfb/Mesa
703P4RESOLVEDcriticalJoglgraphQuaternion SLERP not working jumping and returning incorrect interpolation
702---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowskeyTyped() does not repeat, invalid keyChars in keyPressed()
701---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsInvalid keyChar for 'ß' in keyTyped()
700---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsAlt+Key causes flicker in fullscreen mode
699P4RESOLVEDnormalJoalcoreJOAL initialization fails under Windows both with hardware and software OpenAL
697P3RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsGLWindow.setPointerVisible(boolean) fails after several calls
696P4RESOLVEDminorJoglopenglglClipPlane should be in GL2ES1
695---RESOLVEDblockerJoglwindowsBuffer underflow in WindowsWGLGraphicsConfiguration
694---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglBufferUnderflowException in gluScaleImage
693P4RESOLVEDnormalNewtawtJOGL 2 rc11 Newt crashing after clossing the application in Windows 8
691P1RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxOSX (Offscreen CALayer): Layers and native GL-Context are _not_ Released
690P1RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxOSX (Offscreen CALayer): Occasional Freeze on CVDisplayLinkStop on MainThread
689---RESOLVEDnormalJoglwindowsApp works from command line, but does not work from JNLP
688P3RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreRemoval of NEWT KeyEvent.EVENT_KEY_TYPED and KeyListener.keyTyped(KeyEvent)
687---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreJarUtil can't locate native library JARs if a custom classloader is being used (e.g. inside Eclipse RCP apps)
684P2RESOLVEDenhancementJoalcoreMake JOAL Platform Agnostic for non J2SE VMs (Remove use of javax.sound; Replace WaveLoader code, ..)
683P3RESOLVEDmajorGluegencoreFix URL Usage due to DNS Lookups on equals(..) and hashCode()
682P1RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreRelocating remaining javax.media.opengl.* -> com.jogamp.opengl.* to relax probable license issue while bundling JOGL
681---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAdd Parsing of ELF Header of Binary Files to Determine ABI / Required Libraries
680---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreJOGL 10 Year Anniversary @ 2013-06-06 07:30:12 (UTC?)
679---RESOLVEDblockerJoglopenglNullPointerException in some Mac OS X computers
678---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtwindowsNEWT KeyEvent key-char value on Windows not delivered w/ PRESSED induces UI lag if depending on key-char value
677---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcore[Android] The softKeyboard should notify when it gets hidden with the Back button
676P3RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreAdd support for native Mouse Pointer rendering (Rasp.-Pi. .. etc)
675---RESOLVEDmajorJoglawtGLCanvas NPE if true == Beans.isDesignTime()
672P4RESOLVEDblockerNewtmacosxNewtCanvasSWT ignore windowing offset on OSX using SashForm
671P4RESOLVEDenhancementJoglutilAdd jpeg decoding support in core utils (w/o AWT -> headless, embedded devices)
670---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtx11Regression: Drawable already added to animator
669---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreRecursive GLContext makeCurrent() doesn't work
668---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreAndroid Newt KeyEvent.getKeyChar returns always uppercase character
667---RESOLVEDenhancementDefaultdefaultFOSDEM 2013 - JogAmp Free Java DevRoom TALK [2013 02 03, ULB, Brussels, Belgium]
666---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreJOGL Build Issue
665---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAllow re-association of GLContext/GLEventListener to a GLDrawable, allowing GLContext/GLEventListener survival of GLDrawable/Surface Destruction
664---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxGLCanvas + GLJPanel Ignore Visibility (was OS X 10.8 + Java 7 + GLCanvas => Poor animation, lock ups, memory leak)
663---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreJOGL display window is completely blank
662---RESOLVEDenhancementJoalcoreAdd a flag to favour OpenALSoft
661P1RESOLVEDcriticalDefaultdefaultSIGGRAPH 2013 - JogAmp BOF [2013 07 21–25, Anaheim, CA, USA]
660---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreIndexed color PNG does not render correctly
659---RESOLVEDnormalNewtmacosxNEWT Horizontal Scrolling Behavior (OSX, X11, Win32) (horizontal -> modifiers w/ SHIFT)
658---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcore3.1 context on Mesa 9.0.1 is buggy
657---RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilPMVMatrix.glPushTransform shouldn't allocate a new float array per call
656P2RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreUnify NEWT event processing (DRAG, button modifier mask, ..) for native and synthesized Event
655---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglOpenGL is unable to draw to canvas
654---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglGears demo displays only a white screen
653---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglutilPNGJ Update to support PNG Interlace
652---RESOLVEDmajorJoglembeddedDebugGL of a GL2ES2 context doesn't return true for isGLES
651---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglGL_INVALID_ENUM raised with glGetInteger(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS, ...) w/ Mesa3D 9.0
650P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreFails to build under arm hard float on Debian [Wheezy] and Ubuntu [Precise & Raring]
649---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglClear FBO layer at creation
648P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxapp on OSX when moving window between displays
646---RESOLVEDmajorJoglembeddedJOGL 2.0-rc11 doesn't work on the android emulator
645---RESOLVEDenhancementJava3DcoreSupport antialiasing in offscreen 3D canvas
643---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreSWT 'display.asyncExec(Runnable runnable)' runnable not executed until SWT display disposed on Windows w/ NEWT windows parented (NewtCanvasSWT)
642---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglawtException when adjusting JSplitPane containing GLCanvas in RC11.
641P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreNEWT: Distinguish keyCode (kbd layout independent) and keySym (kbd layout dependent) (was: Invalid keyCodes returned with com.jogamp.newt.event.KeyEvent)
640---RESOLVEDnormalJoglembeddedJOGL ES1 demo GearsES1 crashes on Kindle Fire HD 7"
639---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsHigh-Res Mouse-Wheel Support (getWheelRotation() of Newt MouseEvent constantly returns '0' with slow movement)
638---RESOLVEDnormalJoglwindowsProblem requesting non-hardware-accelerated capabilities on a device capable of hardware acceleration
637P5RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreNEWT: Allow to set the window non resizeable
636---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglgraphQuaternion multiplication unexpected behavior
635---RESOLVEDmajorJoglwindowsUnexpected random NullPointerException
631---RESOLVEDcriticalNewtcoreNEWT keyReleased event abnormal behaviour.
630---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxpacked depth stencil extension not properly detected
629---RESOLVEDmajorNewtx11AWT-to-NEWT event modifier translation does not preserve mouse button state
628---RESOLVEDmajorNewtx11NewtCanvasSWT Hangs Sporadically During Window Resizing
627---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxUncaught exception with Mac OS X Mountain Lion
625---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreStructAccessor missing setShortsAt() and getShortsAt() methods for short[]
624---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreNo android-specific classes in RC10 build
623---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglx11Sporadic XCB assertion failures w/ ATI proprietary driver and w/o native X11 locking
622---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxChanges required to build JOGL git master on Mac OS X 10.8 with Oracle JDK
621---RESOLVEDmajorJoglx11JVM Crashes During X11 Shutdown
620---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglglUniform functions not available in OpenGL ES 1.0
619---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglglBlendColor function not available in OpenGL ES 1.0
618---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglglBlendFunc in OpenGL ES 1.0 - missing constants.
616P1RESOLVEDenhancementJoglx11Remove XInitThreads() (and hence XLockDisplay/XUnlockDisplay) - Make X11 Display usage lock free.
615---RESOLVEDmajorJoglx11PBuffer On Second X Screen Fails
614---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglopenglGLProfile crashes on Mountain Lion
613---RESOLVEDmajorJoglx11Crash of swing components with JOGL and 2 screens
612---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglglVertexAttribIPointer(int, int, int, int, long) is missing
611---RESOLVEDnormalJoglwindowsjava.awt.Desktop performance drops after JOGL initialization
610---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11JOGL crash with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 in libX11 XQueryExtension on application exit
609---RESOLVEDminorGluegencoregluegen-rt-natives-amd64.jar is referred to as gluegen-natives-amd64.jar in source
608---RESOLVEDenhancementJoalcoreJOAL OpenALSoft fallback option missing or not working properly
606---RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtNew AWT threading implementation breaks OpenGL in Processing 2.0 (OSX)
605---RESOLVEDmajorJoglmacosxUse of accumulation buffer flips image
604---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglappletArchive style applet embedding triggers "pixel format 17" error
603---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglTrouble running JOGL demo code on Ubuntu 12.04 Eclipse 3.7.2
602---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglawtDual GPU Switching Not Working / Crash after an NVIDIA driver update
601---RESOLVEDenhancementNewtx11There is no trivial way to make a difference between "useful" events and "useless" release events generated by default by XOrg
600P4RESOLVEDenhancementNewtcoreExpose the information about attached monitor/display devices
599---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd support for API-transparent FBO offscreen GLDrawable creation (similar to pbuffer offscreen) via GLDrawableFactory
598---RESOLVEDblockerJoglcoreJOGL ALL JAR File Change incl. it's Native Jar URL Derivation
597---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11Segfault on GLDrawableFactory.getDesktopFactory() used in headless mode
596P1RESOLVEDblockerJinputcoreCannot compile Jinput
593---RESOLVEDenhancementJinputcoreJInput SVN -> GIT SCM fork
591---RESOLVEDcriticalGluegencoreProperty 'jnlp.' Aliasing Broken
590---RESOLVEDblockerJoglcoreWrong GL2 and GLES2 aliasing of GL_ARB_half_float_pixel/GL_ARB_half_float_vertex and GL_OES_texture_half_float extensions
589---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxResize GLCanvas broken on OSX and JDK7
588P5RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcorePlease provide a method getJoglVersion()
587---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreThe temporary directory used by jogl to unpack native libraries may not be executable
586---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglawtBug with GLCanvas/jScrollPane when working with GLJPanel
585---RESOLVEDtrivialNewtmacosxUnable to set pointer invisible GLWindow setPointerVisible(false);
584---RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilTexture binding fails if image width < alignment
583---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencorePlease add an option to disable the need of android packages to build gluegen2
582---RESOLVEDnormalNewtawtNewtCanvasAWT.setCursor doesn't retain the set cursor
581---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoregluUnProject multiplies matrices in wrong order
580---RESOLVEDenhancementJoclcoreThe jocl source zip is missing in the jogamp-all-platforms.7z
579P4RESOLVEDnormalJoclopenglCLGLTexture2d.createFromGLTexture2d always fails due to passing id and not error to checkForError
578---RESOLVEDcriticalJoglmacosxSIGSEGV on upgrade to Mac Lion 10.7.3.
577---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcorePlease disable the debug message XInitThreads() called ...
576---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglError "javax.media.opengl.GLException: Profile GL2 is not available on null, but: []" on linux x86_64 w/ intel gm45express
575P5RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreAllow gluegen & JOGL to be used in a single jar fat-jar executable.
574---RESOLVEDenhancementDefaultdefaultCreate wiki page about deployment of JOGL apps
573P4RESOLVEDminorJoclopenclBug in putCopyBuffer
572---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreCalling invoke(true,GLRunnable) on several GLCanvases in the same container causes a deadlock
571---RESOLVEDnormalNewtx11Wrong Newt MouseEvent behavior on X11
570---RESOLVEDminorNewtcoreAlt-Tab in fullscreen
569---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxMultisampling doesn't work with PBuffer on OSX Lion and AMD CPU
568---RESOLVEDminorJoglcoreVirtualBox: Freeze on tests execution (build from sources)
567---RESOLVEDenhancementJoalcoreadd support for openal extensions
566P1RESOLVEDblockerJoglawtApplication freeze with GLCanvas / GLJPanel and Mesa 8 (Software/Hardware)
565---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11XWindow memory leak for GLCanvas (includes analysis)
564---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11X11GLXDrawableFactory - Could not initialize shared resources for :0 due to NullPointerException
563---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreCatch exception if using .so instead of the *native*.jar
562---RESOLVEDenhancementDefaultdefaultWhen loading a native jar search for filename+version to aid Maven support
561---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11UnsatisfiedLinkError in x11.X11Lib.XineramaEnabled for Intel GM965/GL960 on Linux 32-bit
560---RESOLVEDmajorJoglappletGears applet crashes if close button clicked on detached applet (messaging a dead object)
559P1RESOLVEDblockerJoglembeddedLinux ARM freezes (Java, EGL/ES, JOGL)
558---RESOLVEDtrivialDefaultdefaultIllarion does not use JOGL anymore and should be removed from JOGL homepage
557---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcorePlease provide a source package for rc6 beta
556---RESOLVEDminorNewtwindowsmouseDragged events is send instead of mouseMoved by newt
555---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxEmbedding NEWT canvas into Applet object doesn't allow to set framerate on OSX
554---RESOLVEDmajorJoglcoreJOGL runs slowly after extended use
553P4RESOLVEDmajorJoclopenclCommandQueue.putCopyImageToBuffer() call to clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer() is incorrect
552P4RESOLVEDmajorJoclopenclCLCommandQueue.putMapImage() call to clEnqueueMapImage() is invalid
551---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglJOGL runs fine in Eclipse but crashes when running a deployed version on windows 7. On Windows XP everything is fine
550---RESOLVEDnormalJoalcoreJOAL lacks Platform.initSingleton() - Using TempJarCache reveals unresolved initialization dependency leading to NPE in NativeLibrary
548P3RESOLVEDmajorJoglmacosxSome MacOS X Machines freeze at JOGL initialization, some even crash
546---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreProvide more information about the system at build time
545---RESOLVEDenhancementGluegencoreProvide more information about the os / arch at build time
543---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopenglcan't create opengl 3/4 context
542---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreAdd instructions for using native library JARs to wiki pages
541---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreAnt build fails inside Eclipse with JDK 1.7u2
540---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxMac Os X Instability - Crashes when disposing NEWT Window (.. and after Applet shutdown)
539---RESOLVEDenhancementJoalcoreSupport jogamp.gluegen.UseTempJarCache in JOAL and JOCL
538---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreAnt build fails in Eclipse 3.7
537---RESOLVEDnormalGluegencoreNew USE_TEMP_JAR_CACHE inhibits running directly from class files
536---RESOLVEDblockerJoglmacosxJOGL 2.O RC4 crashs with GLCanvas on OSX Snow Leopard in a 32-bit VM
535P3RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreProvide Java Web Start demos and tests for those currently runnable only as applets
534---RESOLVEDminorJoglcoreDisposing a GLJPanel causes a JVM crash
532P5RESOLVEDminorJoglawtIntel Graphics: Dead GLCanvas after hide/show in CardLayout w/ Animator start()/stop() [works w/ pause()/resume()]
531---RESOLVEDnormalNewtcoreget*Listeners methods from GLWindow throw ClassCast exceptions
530P1RESOLVEDenhancementDefaultdefaultSIGGRAPH 2012 - JogAmp BOF [2012 08 05–09, Los Angeles, CA, USA]
529---RESOLVEDmajorNewtx11GLWindow.requestFocus() causes a crash of the JVM on Linux
528---RESOLVEDnormalJoglmacosxUnsatisfiedLinkError with gluegen-rt native library on Mac OS 10.5.8 with 64-bit processor
524---RESOLVEDminorJoglopenglglMaterialfv crashes if color == null
523---RESOLVEDnormalNewtwindowsHang and timeout exception on exit when sharing GLContext
521---RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreUpdate wiki tutorials (including screenshots) for RC4
520P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglwindowsJOGL crash with ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470
518P1RESOLVEDcriticalJoglopengljogl.jar on jdownload.java.net is unsigned
516P4RESOLVEDminorJoglutilBuilding under Java 7 produces some class files with post-Java-6 version numbers
513---RESOLVEDnormalJoglwindowsWGL.wglMakeCurrent() crashes in native code
509P4RESOLVEDnormalJoclcoreException in CLPlatform.getICDSuffix()
506---RESOLVEDblockerJoglcoreNullPointerException when calling GLProfile.getDefault()
499---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11Simple AWT and JOGL application hangs on startup
498---RESOLVEDmajorJoglopenglUnable to set pixel format 4 for device context
495P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreFBO produces GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY on some NVidia / Windows machines
494---RESOLVEDmajorJoglx11Applications hang when making base frame visible
493---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11"FBConfig null of 0x0" exception when creating external GL context on CentOS 5.5 inside VMWare Server 2.0
484---RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglCreate a native SWT binding
467---RESOLVEDnormalJoglappletinvokeAndWait exception exclusive to MacOS and Safari browser
455---RESOLVEDnormalJoglopengldisabling the auto swap buffer mode causes very high memory consumption
451---RESOLVEDnormalJoglx11Some AWT tests deadlock on CentOS 5.4 64-bit
418P5RESOLVEDenhancementJoglopenglBetter error reporting for DebugGL
386P5RESOLVEDenhancementJoglawtTextRenderer incorrectly requires openGL context
367P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtFile created by Screenshot might be flipped vertically
365P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilBug on javax.media.opengl.glu.GLU.gluBuild2DMipmaps
364P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtTextRenderer broken under Max OSX 10.5.5
362P3RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilcalculated dimensions for MipMaps smaller than 16x16
361P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtAdd information about TextRenderer transparency in Javadoc
358P3RESOLVEDenhancementJoglappletRendering on the browser....
356P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtTextRenderer causes a GLException on pre-OpenGL 1.5 version
352P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtdistortion using TextRenderer (sometimes)
348P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtAdd a method to change font in TextRender
331P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtFloating-point precision needed in TextRenderer
330P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtInconsistent handling of spaces in TextRenderer
327P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglawtAdd ability to draw bounding rectangle to TextRenderer
320P3RESOLVEDenhancementJoglcoreimproving DebugGL
319P5RESOLVEDnormalJoglutilJOGL components crash if used inside a NetBeans module
250P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreFix getChosenGLCapabilities for Java2D/JOGL bridge
164P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreExpose render-to-texture target
163P4RESOLVEDnormalJoglcoreExtend Render-to-Texture functionality to include Render-to-Depth-Texture