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Freenode IRC Channel


... with any IRC client.

See also User registration @ freenode.

Pidgin Instructions

Thanx to How to Use Nickserv Using Pidgin (

  • Open your applications or your program menu. Click on Pidgin in the list. It might be listed under a category, such as Internet.
  • Click on the Tools menu and choose Plugins. Check the box next to the IRC Helper plug-in to enable it. Click Close.
  • Add an account. Under the Accounts menu, click on Manage Accounts. When the window opens, click the Add button. Select IRC from the client drop-down list and enter the server of the client you want to use. For #jogamp use Enter the username you want to register in the username field. Click Save. If it does not enable automatically, enable it.
  • Type the following command into the Nickserv window that opens:
        /msg nickserv register password
Replace password and with the password you want to use and a valid email address. To sign in, identify yourself with this command, replacing password with your password:
        /msg nickserv identify password
  • Select the Accounts menu and choose Manage Accounts to open the management window. Highlight the IRC account and click the Modify button. Click the Advanced tab and type NickServ into the Auth Name field. Type your password into the Nick Password field and click the check box next to Remember Password.
  • Now you may add Chat #jogamp via Buddies, join a chat.. while selecting your new IRC account.

Jabber (XMPP) JogAmp Channel (Deprecated)

room: jogamp

Note: We've moved to Freenode IRC, the Jabber channel should be considered deprecated...

All you have to do is to create an account on e.g.,, .. or take your existing xmpp account and join our channel with the client of your choice. Alternatively you could also use a so called "transport server" to join even from a different IM protocol.

New to XMPP?

No Client?

  • try a web based client like jappix