SW Tracking Report Objectives for the release 2.2.4

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List started on 2014-10-01, concluding Release 2.2.3 - Closed 2014-10-10 - continuation @ Release 2.3.0.

Bugs backported for this release

IDPStatusResolutionSeverityComponentSummary (5 tasks) Votes
1093---RESOLVEDFIXEDmajorcoreNEWT PointerIcon swizzled on X11 and OSX; WindowIcon swizzled on OSX ([R] -> [B])
1088---RESOLVEDFIXEDenhancementmacosxOSX 10.9.5: Crash using master GLContext with multiple threads using GLContext sharing with master
1087---RESOLVEDFIXEDmajormacosxOSX 10.9.5 - default framebuffer write causes GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION on dummy drawable
1079---RESOLVEDFIXEDnormalcoresymbolic link in jogl/doc/bouml causes problems
1078---RESOLVEDFIXEDnormalopenglNo rendering on Intel Q35 Express under Windows 7