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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
547 Jogl core sgothel IN_P --- Enable other architectures under GNU/Linux 2013-03-27
746 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- Shapes not displayed using Fedora 18 and open source driver 2013-06-06
398 Jogl core sgothel CONF --- Provide OSGi Metadata In Builds 2013-07-16
877 Jogl core sgothel IN_P --- Concurrency Discussion: Synchronization, Locking and Non-Blocking Access 2013-10-29
1092 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- Strange behaviour with keyPressed and keyReleased 2014-10-16
1128 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- javax.media.opengl.GLException: Intialization of GL renderer strings failed 2015-03-14
1097 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- AWTGLReadBufferUtil.readPixelsToBufferedImage() causes exception on SWT 2015-06-09
1263 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- glDrawElements missing a Buffer param in GL.java 2015-11-04
973 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- NativeWindowFactory: Needs service provider interface (SPI) for TK specific implementations (Scaling) 2019-03-29
1115 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- SRGB implementation 2019-03-29
1059 Jogl core harvey.harrison IN_P --- AUDIT use of intern for String constants and reference comparisons 2020-01-05
11 bugs found.


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