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21 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1100 Newt core sgothel IN_P --- Documentation of lifecycle-heavy methods 2014-11-07
1311 Newt core sgothel CONF --- Multi touch drag events being discarded incorrectly in WindowImpl 2020-01-05
1361 Newt core sgothel CONF --- Remove Flickering when resizing a Newt Window 2019-10-08
595 Newt core sgothel CONF --- NEWT event propagation to Jinput 2019-03-29
632 Newt core sgothel CONF --- Nested GLWindows don't resize or honor GLCapabilities setBackgroundOpaque 2013-06-16
814 Newt core gouessej CONF --- Enhance PointerEvent / Deprecate MouseEvent 2023-04-20
813 Newt core sgothel CONF --- Allow InputDevice to be auto-assigned, e.g. via USB Topology (Monitor - Mouse/Keyboard) 2019-03-29
940 Newt core sgothel CONF --- Do not show frame in desktop bar, constructor argument or property 2014-01-10
941 Newt core sgothel CONF --- add a GLWindow#setIgnoreRepaint() method 2014-07-10
1098 Newt core sgothel CONF --- setTitle in display() of GLEventListener causes exception when window closes 2015-12-05
812 Newt core xerxes CONF --- Add USB Topology / Graph to query device location etc. 2019-03-29
807 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- NEWT Input: Add support for more devices a.k.a (Accelerometer, GPS, Compass, Joystick ..) 2019-03-29
808 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- NEWT Input: Add support for Gyroscope / Accelerometer Devices 2019-03-29
809 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- NEWT Input: Add support for Compass Devices 2019-03-29
913 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- NEWT: Support 'Continue Drag over on JComponent' 2013-11-29
955 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- Implement the ability to use/list resolutions not listed by the nvidia driver 2014-09-02
1026 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- NEWT KeyEvent VK mapping for left and right sided keys 2014-06-26
1163 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- frame by frame icon 2015-08-26
1164 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- Drag and Drop integration 2016-10-12
1165 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- Trailing bar icon 2015-06-13
1195 Newt core sgothel UNCO --- GLWindow.warpPointer is off by one in X-Dimension when on secondary monitor 2019-03-29
21 bugs found.


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