Sat Jan 18 2020 13:15:07 CET
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
674 Jogl swt sgothel IN_P --- JOGL/SWT Windowing/Surface Interoperability Thu 02:04
1422 Newt swt sgothel IN_P --- NEWT: Handle SWT's DPI Scaling on non native dpi scaling platforms (Linux, Windows, ..) Thu 12:13
1423 Jogl swt sgothel IN_P --- Newt SWT GLWindow Fullscreen Wrong Coordinates in Embedded Layout Thu 12:08
1424 Newt swt sgothel IN_P --- MacOSX: Newt Window Eclipse RCP Detached View Wrong Z-Order and Update Thu 08:52
1378 Newt macosx sgothel RESO DUPL NewtCanvasSWT Overlap on MacOSX with Multiple RCP perspectives Wed 12:33
739 Jogl x11 pjgl RESO WORK NativeWindowException with SWT/Ubuntu Mon 17:43
969 Newt swt pjgl RESO FIXE NewtCanvasSWT positioning and resizing issues Wed 12:53
1358 Jogl swt sgothel VERI FIXE Incorrect OpenGL surface size on SWT GLCanvas and NewtCanvasSWT w/ High-DPI scaling Wed 12:43
1421 Newt swt sgothel VERI FIXE Incorrect OpenGL window position on NewtCanvasSWT on MacOS Wed 14:07
9 bugs found.