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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1298 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- regression: Canvas in CardLayout always visible after showing once 2016-04-14
1306 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- Medium-weight tooltips are painted behind the GLCanvas 2016-05-17
1322 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- JOGL sets pixel scale to 2 for GLJPanel not on Retina display 2016-07-28
1324 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- GLCanvas is always on top when using JInternalFrame 2016-10-03
1350 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- CGSUpdateManager warning during createContext on OS X 10.11.6 2018-02-27
1351 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- Custom pointer pixels doubled only on Mac OS X 2017-02-18
710 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- Nehe Tutorial #9 does not work in JWS 2013-03-29
647 Jogl macosx pjgl CONF --- SWT scrolling of GLCanvas doesn't work under Mac OS Mountain Lion 2016-03-31
947 Jogl macosx sgothel CONF --- SIGABRT (double free) OSX 10.9 + NV w/ Multithreaded Shared GL Buffers (shared VBOs via shared GLContext) - glDrawArrays 2014-01-22
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