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22 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
692 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Spurious exception thrown when using Vertex Array Objects (VAO) and glDrawElements 2014-01-03
1261 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Allow changing of texture sampler type for multisampled FBO 2015-10-31
1265 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Segmentation fault using fglrx on Ubuntu 15.10 2015-11-06
1279 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- rgb10a2u texture unsupported 2016-01-06
1284 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- glGetVertexAttribPointerv is missing 2019-03-29
1291 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- params of glGetQueryObjectuiv has to be interpreted as an offset in case GL_QUERY_BUFFER is bound 2019-03-29
1292 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Implementing GL_NV_sample_locations 2019-03-29
1304 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Android Marshmallow 6.0 jogamp.opengl.es3.GLES3Impl.dispatch_glGetUniformIndices1 throws a fatal error 2019-03-29
1323 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Enhance the math utilities to support more operations on vectors, matrices and quaternions 2019-03-29
1354 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Parametrize the usage of glGetError() 2017-04-02
1444 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Complete OpenGL 4.6 and ES 3.2 mapping including current Extensions 2023-08-07
834 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- AMD gles_sdk native dlls are classified as ANGLE implementation 2013-10-01
874 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- GLJPanel does not respect glEnable(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB) 2014-10-23
1045 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Implement GLUgles2 2019-10-01
1049 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Application Crashes when System.exit() is Called within JOGL callbacks. 2014-08-22
501 Jogl opengl sgothel CONF --- Rendering problems on FreeBSD 8.2 2013-03-28
483 Jogl opengl wwalker3 CONF --- ProjectFloat.gluInvertMatrixf() improperly claims some matrices are non-invertible 2013-03-27
873 Jogl opengl sgothel CONF --- Shared GLContext Usage Causes: 'intel_do_flush_locked: No such file or directory' with Intel's Mesa 9.2.1 Backend for [Sandybridge/Ivybridge] on GNU/Linux 2014-12-05
634 Jogl opengl sgothel IN_P --- Enhance Offscreen Layered FBO 2013-03-27
1255 Jogl opengl sgothel IN_P --- Newt canvas in Miglayout fail to resize OR occupy complete JFrame instead of its target layout cell 2023-07-12
1305 Jogl opengl sgothel IN_P --- GLCanvas failed to initialize GL3(bc), GL4(bc) in SWING JFrame. GLJPanel succeed. 2023-02-25
423 Jogl opengl mmce IN_P --- DDSImage class should provide the correct OpenGL enums and values 2015-09-27
22 bugs found.


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