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28 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
686 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Add libav native Libraries for GLMediaPlayer fallback w/ patent free Codecs like WebM 2015-09-27
1260 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Allow the change of MAXIMUM_VIDEO_ASYNC of GLMediaPlayer 2015-10-31
1288 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- GL_PARAMETER_BUFFER_ARB is perceived as invalid binding target 2016-03-11
1323 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Enhance the math utilities to support more operations on vectors, matrices and quaternions 2016-09-27
1264 Jogl util gouessej UNCO --- Methods to access (read, write) to pixels in TextureData 2017-01-17
811 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- The legacy text renderer doesn't support GL3 2017-01-17
1197 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Texture and image API revamping 2017-01-17
1266 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- Per canvas GLSL vertical flip skip method 2017-01-17
973 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- NativeWindowFactory: Needs service provider interface (SPI) for TK specific implementations (Scaling) 2015-09-27
1045 Jogl opengl sgothel UNCO --- Implement GLUgles2 2015-09-27
1115 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- SRGB implementation 2015-09-27
1152 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- StereoDevice: Add HSW Display (Health and Safety Warning) at least in combination w/ OculusVR 2015-10-05
1235 General builds sgothel UNCO --- Statically link Linux natives against musl-libc for deployment on all Linux 2.6 and later systems 2015-09-28
933 Jogl opengl sgothel CONF --- Force GLMediaPlayer not to depend on machine time 2015-09-27
1258 Gluegen core sgothel CONF --- Add Multiple JNI/Native to Java Callback Generation Techniques 2015-10-23
1303 Jocl opencl wwalker3 CONF --- Add ability to use clRetainMemObject() on CLBuffers instead of automatically releasing 2016-05-16
794 Jogl wayland sgothel CONF --- Add Wayland Windowing/Surface Interoperability 2015-09-27
1236 General builds sgothel CONF --- SIGFPE during System.load of linux-i586/ seen on Asus EEEPC 900 using libc-2.3.6 2015-09-28
1242 Jogl util sgothel CONF --- Fix 'Texture.updateImage(...)' API and Implementation 2015-10-19
1256 Gluegen core sgothel IN_P --- Provide General GlueGen Annotation Processor (Replacing specialized CStruct) 2015-10-22
1246 Gluegen core sgothel IN_P --- gluegen: please add support for Linux ppc64le 2015-10-28
953 Jogl awt gouessej IN_P --- Allow the creation of a BufferedImage from a TextureData 2017-01-17
592 Jinput core sgothel IN_P --- Migrate Jinput to JogAmp 2015-09-27
1008 General builds sgothel IN_P --- Adopt Automated Validation of Version Semantics 2015-09-27
535 Jogl core gouessej RESO INVA Provide Java Web Start demos and tests for those currently runnable only as applets 2017-01-17
1268 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE DynamicLibraryBundleInfo: Add NativeLibrary's 'searchSystemPath' and 'searchSystemPathFirst' attributes 2015-11-15
1273 Gluegen core sgothel RESO WORK gluegen: fix aarch64 definitions to get them buildable under Fedora 2018-01-15
1269 Joal core xerxes RESO FIXE Bump openal-soft to Release 1.17.0 2015-11-15
28 bugs found.