Bug 788

Summary: Add Better ability to control AWT focus when using NewtCanvasAWT
Product: [JogAmp] Jogl Reporter: Enzio <donovans>
Component: awtAssignee: Sven Gothel <sgothel>
Status: CONFIRMED ---    
Severity: enhancement    
Priority: ---    
Version: 2   
Hardware: All   
OS: all   
Type: --- SCM Refs:
Workaround: ---

Description Enzio 2013-07-17 07:02:31 CEST
The following is the use case for this enhancement :

I have the canvas rendered in front of a JDesktopPane on which I have swing components rendered. So, the canvas completely obscures the swing components.  I paint the swing components to buffered images and render the images as textures on the canvas in order to allow 3D transformations on the images. Any mouse and keyboard events which occur can then be translated and dispatched to the swing component to allow interaction with it. This seems to work fine, but I am running into a problem with drag and drop operations (this may also occur with other operations, but drag and drop is the one of which I am aware). The problem is that as the drag begins the NewtCanvasAWT gains the focus so the dragged component loses focus. When the translated MOUSE_DRAGGED event is delivered, the component regains focus, but the drag action will already be terminated.

Focus works as expected with GLCanvas, the focus change only occurs with NEWT.