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  1. Bump semver to commit 4f50b49c955f2bde2bb7eb4c7493206ec6bb1f2f (details)
Commit 444af35253943cfa5bad88ff752981c311689e49 by Sven Gothel
Bump semver to commit 4f50b49c955f2bde2bb7eb4c7493206ec6bb1f2f
+    Fix JLS Binary Compat: Moving methods and fields upwards for
classes _and_ interfaces is OK
+    - We shall also travers all interfaces upwards
+    - All methods and fields found upwards must be tested for
compatibility as well!
+    Further:
+    - Add class-name to Field- and MethodInfo via new intermediate
+      The class-name is used to have allow differs to find a class move
+    - Pretty printing of class move binary-compatible change
The file was modifiedmake/lib/semantic-versioning/ (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/lib/semantic-versioning/VERSION (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/lib/semantic-versioning/semver.jar (diff)