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Build linux-x86_64-amd (Apr 8, 2019, 6:05:17 AM)

  1. Bug 1190: Updating crosstools and enabling aarch64 + armv6hf 'ontarget' (details / gitweb)
  2. Bug 1190: Fix arm6hf + aarch64 gcc options, adapt glibc-compat-symbols.h (details / gitweb)
  3. Bug 1190: aarch64 + armhf ld symbolic link to actual x-tool binary of (details / gitweb)
  4. Bug 1190: Define TARGET_PLATFORM_SYSROOT TARGET_PLATFORM_USRROOT (details / gitweb)
  5. Complete jogamp-env.xml TARGET_* readout; Use parsed env in (details / gitweb)

Started by upstream project gluegen build number 914
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Revision: b846476786a776296a5c5ab6cbfb370a4c5497ae
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