1. Bug 1219: Sporadic failure to determine 'executable temp base directory' (details)
Commit 0ebc5398fa20d23214a37dc4930a1fa1617293c7 by Sven Gothel
Bug 1219: Sporadic failure to determine 'executable temp base directory'
on Windows using 'exe-windows-i586-268b.bin' (Fix attempt #1)
Replacing the tiny 268 byte sized 'exe-windows-i586-268b.bin' PE file w/
a regular 2048 byte sized PE file 'exe-windows-i386-2048b.bin'.
File is produced via:
c:\mingw\bin\gcc -nodefaultlibs -nostdlib -s -Os -o tiny.exe tiny.c
Adding the 305 byte sized gzipped version
'exe-windows-i386-2048b.bin.305b.gz' to the gluegen-rt jar file to
reduce the payload for non Windows platforms.
Adding special property 'jogamp.debug.IOUtil.Exe' to debug testing the
exe file, enable via '-Djogamp.debug.IOUtil.Exe'.
Passes here on all Windows machines, however, the prev. one worked here
as well.
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/runtest-x64.bat (diff)
The file was removedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/bin/exe-windows-i586-268b.bin
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/java-win64.bat (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/runtest-x32.bat (diff)
The file was addedsrc/native/tinype/tiny.c
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/java-win32.bat (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/ (diff)
The file was addedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/bin/exe-windows-i386-2048b.bin.305b.gz
The file was addedsrc/native/tinype/tiny.exe
The file was addedsrc/native/tinype/tiny.exe.gz
The file was modifiedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/ (diff)
The file was addedsrc/native/tinype/make.bat