1. Bug 1219: IOUtil.testDirExe: Satisfactory when executed, more debug (details)
  2. Bug 1219: Fix IOUtil.StreamMonitor EOS handling (details)
Commit a8db919494e934f768ee8adb0d0bad75fa390e62 by Sven Gothel
Bug 1219: IOUtil.testDirExe: Satisfactory when executed, more debug
- Satisfactory when executed
   Failure to execute produce an IOException right at
   Hence we can allow an unexpected process exit value,
   since we only want to learn whether executable files are allowed.
  - More debug options
   DEBUG_EXE:          'jogamp.debug.IOUtil.Exe'
   DEBUG_EXE_NOSTREAM: 'jogamp.debug.IOUtil.Exe.NoStream'
    - if DEBUG_EXE
     - a pre-existing 'jogamp_exe_tst'+<SUFFIX> will be used as-is.
      - the test-exe will not be deleted
      - StreamMonitor is being used to dump stdout/stderr
The file was modifiedsrc/junit/com/jogamp/common/util/ (diff)
The file was addeddoc/Implementation/IOUtil.testDirExe/win32-noexec-ntfs_attribs_deny_execute_file.log
The file was addeddoc/Implementation/IOUtil.testDirExe/win32-noexec-invalid_executable.log
The file was modifiedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/ (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/ (diff)
The file was addeddoc/Implementation/IOUtil.testDirExe/linux-noexec-file_attribs.log
The file was modifiedsrc/native/tinype/ (diff)
The file was addedsrc/native/tinype/tiny2.c
The file was addeddoc/Implementation/IOUtil.testDirExe/win32-noexec-SoftwareRestrictionPolicies.log
Commit 6c45f1dbeb875790056aef424b91b54440790a2b by Sven Gothel
Bug 1219: Fix IOUtil.StreamMonitor EOS handling
- Make StreamMonitor a daemon thread, i.e. not hindering VM from exit
- Earmark each InputStream's EOS state
and only attempt to readByte if !eos
- End loop and hence the thread if all InputStream
have reached EOS.
- Don't close the InputStream.
Closing the InputStream is expected to be done
by the owner, otherwise no EOS could even be reached!
- Flush the output PrintStream at thread exit
The file was modifiedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/ (diff)