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  1. Bug 1231: Add Windows x86_64 test executable ; Use 'WinMain' for Windows (details)
Commit 0e723ff0866919cbc4ddfc3d7773c3485252eba3 by Sven Gothel
Bug 1231: Add Windows x86_64 test executable ; Use 'WinMain' for Windows
test-executable ; Use CustomInflate for Performance
- Use 'WinMain' for Windows test-executable
This may have little difference than using std 'main' entry
- Add Windows x86_64 test executable
Since the reporter claims the test executable works well
on Windows i386, maybe utilizing a x86_64 test executable
on same VM fixes the issue
- Use CustomInflate for Performance
- Skips GZIP header
- Adds own custom header [magic, deflate-size, inflate-size]
- Own header allows simplified I/O read and deflation
The file was modifiedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/ (diff)
The file was addedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/
The file was addedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/bin/exe-windows-i386.defl
The file was modifiedsrc/native/tinype/tiny.c (diff)
The file was removedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/bin/exe-windows-i386-2048b.bin.316b.gz
The file was addedsrc/junit/com/jogamp/common/util/
The file was addedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/bin/exe-windows-x86_64.defl
The file was modifiedsrc/native/tinype/ (diff)
The file was modifiedsrc/native/tinype/tiny2.c (diff)
The file was addedsrc/junit/com/jogamp/common/util/