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Unstable Build #17 (Oct 10, 2014, 4:06:46 PM)

  1. Fix of the bug 1078 (commit: 2b27ba9) (detail / gitweb)
  2. Bug 1078: Fix commit 99f91f8b28d42cdf341533736e878056bcae4708 (GLRendererQuirks.NoPBufferWithAccum): Accum buffer allowed if !usePBuffer; Avoid NPE. (commit: 993a453) (detail / gitweb)
  3. Uses System.err instead of System.out in order to drive the debug logs more consistent, adds a method to convert an attribute list into a capabilities object with no check in order to display some information about skipped capabilities objects and fixes a NullPointerException when skipping a capabilities object (commit: f509dcb) (detail / gitweb)
  4. WindowsWGLGraphicsConfiguration[Factory]: Refine indentation to increase readability (140 chars width) (commit: e192f05) (detail / gitweb)
  5. AnimatorBase thread-name: Add instance sequence number (commit: 4b2552a) (detail / gitweb)
  6. NativeWindow's ToolkitLock TRACE_LOCK: Show more usable details (commit: 29636ef) (detail / gitweb)
  7. NEWT Display: Fix typo in API doc (commit: b257176) (detail / gitweb)
  8. GLContextImpl: Unify common TRACE_SWITCH and DEBUG_TRACE_SWITCH base info-string creation; MacOSXCGLContext: Fix intendation (commit: f28521c) (detail / gitweb)
  9. Bug 1088: Shared Gears* Unit Tests: Align all 3 Gears* implementation to use a shared Gears* object (commit: 7d67e7a) (detail / gitweb)
  10. build-test.xml: Add target (commit: de58189) (detail / gitweb)
  11. Bug 1088: Fix ant test target '': Reuse generalized '', '', .. (commit: b502286) (detail / gitweb)
  12. GLRendererQuirks: Align wording in API doc (commit: 054de09) (detail / gitweb)
  13. Bug 1088: Add GLRendererQuirks.NeedSharedObjectSync; Tests: Synchronize GL objects if GLRendererQuirks.NeedSharedObjectSync is set. (commit: c7ac21e) (detail / gitweb)
  14. Bug 1087: Set default framebuffer for OSX DummyDrawable, hence enforce NSView realization for DummyDrawable (commit: b56d805) (detail / gitweb)
  15. Bug 1079 - Remove symbolic link jogl/doc/bouml (commit: 2c86051) (detail / gitweb)
  16. Unit Tests: Increase minimum manual set timeout to 10s (commit: 81f8e4d) (detail / gitweb)
  17. TestTessellationShader01GL4NEWT: Add robustness, i.e. case where tessellation failed to compile/link (on unsupported platforms) (commit: 5d678e5) (detail / gitweb)
  18. Fix windows test scripts: Add gluegen-test-util.jar (commit: 6cbc626) (detail / gitweb)
  19. ShaderCode: Fix link to create(..) method (commit: f548fbd) (detail / gitweb)
  20. TestLandscapeES2NewtCanvasAWT: Enforce landscape shader to be compiled/linked upfront AWT migration, since it takes a long time on Mesa/AMD (commit: 279c547) (detail / gitweb)
  21. Newt Screen viewport in windows units: Add missing setup in overriden calcVirtualScreenOriginAndSize(..) method (duplicate pixel unit) (commit: da52dd1) (detail / gitweb)
  22. Newt ScreenMode Tests: Return XRandR error-code, allowing fall-back (OpenIndiana has issues); Min delay 4s before next setScreenMode(..) (commit: a96ddc8) (detail / gitweb)
  23. javadoc: Add missing graph package to apidoc (commit: cf5fad8) (detail / gitweb)
  24. Graph: Fix minor apidoc issues (commit: f001db9) (detail / gitweb)
  25. Graph/Math: Fix minor apidoc issues (commit: 60e7b83) (detail / gitweb)
  26. Bug 1093 - NEWT PointerIcon swizzled on X11 and OSX; WindowIcon swizzled on OSX ([R] -> [B]) (commit: b24687d) (detail / gitweb)
  27. Fix minor compile errors introduced while backporting from master branch (commit: c795290) (detail / gitweb)
  28. Manual test of TestVersionSemanticsNOUI (commit: 4ac4423) (detail / gitweb)
  29. TestVersionSemanticsNOUI: Add tests against v2.2.3 (commit: 78f641d) (detail / gitweb)

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