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Build #1474 (Dec 10, 2018, 1:25:27 PM)

  1. www/index.html: Update links and text OpenGL ES 3.x -> OpenGL ES 3.2 (commit: b355505) (details / gitweb)
  2. make/doc/jogl/spec-overview.html, make/config/jogl/gl-common.cfg: OpenGL (commit: 0d2abcd) (details / gitweb)
  3. jogl: complete audit of code for unneeded calls to .intern() (commit: fef0ec3) (details / gitweb)
  4. Change BCM VC IV detection to handle presence of vc4 DRI module (commit: 9309492) (details / gitweb)
  5. WWW: update description of jaamsim on the website. (commit: 8a62985) (details / gitweb)
  6. Shows all information of the default graphics device in JoglVersion, bug (commit: fa0f558) (details / gitweb)
  7. Bug 1295: Add linux-aarch64 GNU/Linux AArch64 support (commit: d21c488) (details / gitweb)
  8. Change library search order for Broadcom VC IV graphics (commit: 6665ecc) (details / gitweb)
  9. HowToBuild: Add Debian 9 Notes (commit: ec05537) (details / gitweb)
  10. Bug 1299: Fix Warning when using JOGL on Mac OS X El Capitan (commit: d590c5d) (details / gitweb)
  11. Version Semantics Test: Bump for 2.4.0 -> 2.3.x (commit: 9cecc35) (details / gitweb)
  12. Bug 1290: Expand query whether BCM IV is being used, exclude (commit: 347271f) (details / gitweb)

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