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Unstable Build #364 (Apr 1, 2011, 3:33:10 PM)

  1. Import Typecast r106, - Apache License, Version 2.0 (commit: f8d03d8) (detail / gitweb)
  2. Minor changes, OTGlyph: remove redundant/errorneous add-on points (origin, advanced). (commit: 5b627f5) (detail / gitweb)
  3. Imported part of Harmony's awt.geom impl. 6.0-r991881, - Apache License, Version 2.0 (commit: 89d1a2d) (detail / gitweb)
  4. Fitting of jogamp.graph.geom.plane: double -> float, package location, use PointFactory, GeneralPath -> Path2D, .. (commit: 524a7d6) (detail / gitweb)
  5. Add generic Font and impl TypecastFont. (commit: 49379f0) (detail / gitweb)
  6. Add com.jogamp.graph.geom types (commit: 6c07da7) (detail / gitweb)
  7. Add initial GPU based curve rendering implementation, utilizing TTF fonts and manual shapes (commit: 7f745c3) (detail / gitweb)
  8. Add LICENSE file (commit: c879983) (detail / gitweb)
  9. Make com.jogamp.graph.geom.plane non public: jogamp.graph.geom.plane, this incl. creating the non public FontInt interface for Path2D access (commit: 56de850) (detail / gitweb)
  10. updated file names (commit: b01b243) (detail / gitweb)
  11. Refactored Vertex Point PointTex GraphPoint namings (commit: 526af50) (detail / gitweb)
  12. Fix: GPUTextnewtDemo02 showing r2t algo output (commit: 731b4fe) (detail / gitweb)
  13. Fix: RenderingDemo with MULTI_PASS doesnt uses MSAA (commit: c0bcd59) (detail / gitweb)
  14. TextDemos: Dump MSAA values, see what which AA style does .. (commit: ca5c2da) (detail / gitweb)
  15. TextDemo02 multi pass: no MSAA - right (commit: d1e73ec) (detail / gitweb)
  16. sample coverage: no diff to lines (commit: 3802ffd) (detail / gitweb)
  17. TextDemo01 (MSAA): 4 samples (commit: a32d0c2) (detail / gitweb)
  18. TextDemo01 (MSAA): 4 samples (duh) (commit: 0976b89) (detail / gitweb)
  19. WindowTitle: Add r2t/msaa - Region Demos: Dump MSAA (commit: 28c3731) (detail / gitweb)
  20. Common demo gllistener for text; Cleanup HwTextRenderer: Use GL as parameter (matching API), only update data if necessary (uniform), hold data in GLUniform (commit: 654c2bf) (detail / gitweb)
  21. demo: add numbers to rendering text (commit: ae00fd9) (detail / gitweb)
  22. revert to 2nd pass magic fbo size 190 (commit: a7c95f2) (detail / gitweb)
  23. Font: Make font instances size agnostic (remove all size states), size is only a render time parameter. Add missing bounds/width/height queries to TypecastFont (commit: 929fc05) (detail / gitweb)
  24. Demo refactor variable names (commit: 915639b) (detail / gitweb)
  25. MSAATool Split dump to CSAA and MSAA (commit: b3d8f35) (detail / gitweb)
  26. Fix: remove TTF imports (commit: 23646be) (detail / gitweb)
  27. Added print screen to TGA file to be used in junit (commit: 3bf42d9) (detail / gitweb)
  28. Testcase for R2T with two sizes (commit: 8b288c2) (detail / gitweb)
  29. Multiple snapshots r2t; Added test initial MSAA (commit: b73de5a) (detail / gitweb)
  30. Add debug flag for boundary tri (commit: c0eb498) (detail / gitweb)
  31. Updated textTextRenderer 3 views each and write to tga file (commit: 2f094d9) (detail / gitweb)
  32. Same size for both tests diff technique (commit: 2a3a260) (detail / gitweb)
  33. Refactor / Use font name as file path, if not a java font (commit: 4ed4dc3) (detail / gitweb)
  34. Refactoring for public: Remove Line ; public/private API cleanup (commit: 5f0293b) (detail / gitweb)
  35. Font Refactoring ; Misc Changes ; Demo/Test Update (commit: 55356d9) (detail / gitweb)
  36. Import: Ubuntu Font Family 0.71.2, - Ubuntu Font License, Version 1.0 (commit: dbcd775) (detail / gitweb)
  37. Relocate Hw*Renderer -> opengl subpackage (commit: 4644863) (detail / gitweb)
  38. Renamed Hw*Renderer -> *Renderer (commit: e952e7d) (detail / gitweb)
  39. Added inclass comments to OutlineShape (commit: 2d7cc27) (detail / gitweb)
  40. Added inclass documentation to AABBox; Misc changes (commit: fca85c4) (detail / gitweb)
  41. Refactor: Public *Renderer / Unify Region Demos / Using own Screenshot (non AWT, plain GL2ES2) (commit: dbc74b9) (detail / gitweb)
  42. Avoid NPE in Screenshot/ReadBufferUtil (commit: ff32688) (detail / gitweb)
  43. Demo/Test: Use public API (commit: d06d559) (detail / gitweb)
  44. Fix: RegionRenderer TwoPass Renderering, fix methodnames in Renderer (commit: 133edeb) (detail / gitweb)
  45. Remove generics notion of Type<Vertex>, since Vertex _is_ the lowest denominator for our implementation and curve API (commit: 630a9ea) (detail / gitweb)
  46. Set relative texSize to RegionDemo02 (commit: 34f9f49) (detail / gitweb)
  47. Temp: updated Testcases to onscreen (commit: 48d0ea9) (detail / gitweb)
  48. VBORegion2PGL3 -> VBORegion2PES2 (commit: 69e9ae0) (detail / gitweb)
  49. Text Demo listener: Use keycode instead of keychar (commit: c604c52) (detail / gitweb)
  50. Fix: Outline over triangulation. (commit: 1c1a7d7) (detail / gitweb)
  51. Inclass Documentation cleanup of public API (commit: e8c69e6) (detail / gitweb)
  52. Final core and demo changes for jogl merge (commit: 4b8bd5e) (detail / gitweb)
  53. Folded turtle2d into jogl folders (commit: cd8caf7) (detail / gitweb)
  54. Folded typecast into jogl folder (commit: 16ba4d6) (detail / gitweb)
  55. integrated typecast into jogamp. tree (commit: 4dd315d) (detail / gitweb)
  56. Remove HashCode util and its usage (commit: 3fe39f8) (detail / gitweb)
  57. Add graph shaders and fonts .. (commit: 259d018) (detail / gitweb)
  58. Font: +getName / +getAllNames / +isPrintableCharacter (commit: f47753b) (detail / gitweb)
  59. Load fonts via File or URL . (commit: d4c400b) (detail / gitweb)
  60. more text in text demos (commit: be6b84a) (detail / gitweb)

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