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  1. Bug 1398: Avoid AWT-AppKit blocking feedback flush deadlock and SetNSViewCmd on initial makeCurrent when offscreen (details / gitweb)
  2. Bug 1398: Adding test case of commit f33681bbeeb459af4de81331d6d9241d8c9a75de (details / gitweb)
  3. Bug 1398: Adding TestBug1398Deadlock02AWT to manual testing (details / gitweb)
  4. Bug 1398: MacOSXCGLContext: Ensure AWT is available before using it when query java.awt.EventQueue.isDispatchThread() (details / gitweb)
  5. Fix 'typo' in branching, valid config index is >= 0 (not < 0) (details / gitweb)
  6. Fix TestBug1398Deadlock02AWT: Missed adaption of unit test to AWTRobotUtil & GLTestUtil changes when 'front porting' (details / gitweb)

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