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Unstable Build #8 (Sep 23, 2014, 3:59:04 AM)

v2.2.2; 10 failures due to TestVersionSemanticsNOUI.testVersionV221V222, i.e. one on each of the 10 actuve testing machines. This is caused by AnimatorBase changes required for Bug 1076 (synchronized/deadlock).
  1. Fix synchronization issues in GLDrawableHelper.flushGLRunnables(), fixes rare deadlock with animator-exception and invoke(wait=true, ..) (commit: b13f4ef) (detail / gitweb)
  2. Fix GLContextImpl.setRendererQuirks(..) CTX_IMPL_ACCEL_SOFT profile state (commit: 2fc3a60) (detail / gitweb)
  3. Fix synchronization issues in Animator* Exception case (commit: 8e9407a) (detail / gitweb)

Started by user Sven Gothel

Revision: 8e9407ab74f672c2a0d1e196a3ba2e7d8743debf
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