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Unstable Build #1114 (Oct 19, 2013, 5:22:22 AM)

  1. jogl: remove all trailing whitespace (commit: 5e9c02b) (detail / gitweb)
  2. Bump 7u45 (commit: 47d7381) (detail / gitweb)
  3. jogl: add missing @Override annotations (commit: f1ae8dd) (detail / gitweb)
  4. jogl: fix two impossible comparisons in glu/tessellator (commit: a91fb61) (detail / gitweb)
  5. jogl: allow case statements to fall through to same block (commit: 85f1672) (detail / gitweb)
  6. jogl: fix typo in RandomTileRenderer, range chack was for tY, not tX again (commit: 5ef943f) (detail / gitweb)
  7. jogl: avoid creating a second String object, one is enough (commit: 9b20131) (detail / gitweb)
  8. jogl: allow short-circuited comparison in comparison (commit: 6aaca0f) (detail / gitweb)
  9. Fix Bug 862: Fix GL Version Validation / NVidia GTX550 driver 331.13 - 64bit Linux - No compatibility GLProfile (GL2, >= GL3bc) (commit: 34b35c5) (detail / gitweb)
  10. Fix Bug 827 - ShaderProgam helper class reports errors incorrectly (commit: fed660a) (detail / gitweb)
  11. PinchToZoomGesture: Add ctor arg 'allowMorePointer', should be false to be more stable (i.e. only 2 pointer pressed) (commit: 0ba264e) (detail / gitweb)

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