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Build #1450 (Sep 26, 2015, 6:46:42 AM)

  1. Bug 1214: Fix Deadlock in screenPositionChanged(..); Use (details / gitweb)
  2. Bug 1188: Fix setMaximized(..) isReconfigureMaskSupported(..) query (details / gitweb)
  3. Bug 1223 OSX: GLWindow loses focus after maximizing - Analysis (details / gitweb)
  4. Adapt Test NApplet HTML Pages to NEWTDemoListener (all key-actions) (details / gitweb)
  5. NEWTDemoListener: Fix 'v' modifier collision of ctrl, use shift. (details / gitweb)
  6. Bug 1222 - NEWT OSX: setAlwaysOnTop() and setAlwaysOnBottom() not (details / gitweb)

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Revision: 3d2765f0bb752debd7784f717eeac4c9eb500d5a
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