1. Produce duplicate natives in the build, in preparation for removing (details)
  2. Attempt to remove aliasing from native libraries. (details)
Commit 6611735d544a2e09d56213dbfff4a1cd8a029529 by code
Produce duplicate natives in the build, in preparation for removing
support for aliasing in native library loading.

Specifically, produce:

The file was modifiedmake/build.xml (diff)
Commit 5951b33b303df3a12888fe0fbc5ccc88112a3984 by code
Attempt to remove aliasing from native libraries.


  jogl-core.jar         → jogl.jar
  nativewindow-core.jar → nativewindow.jar

The build scripts have been edited to produce sets of natives for
each "module" (as opposed to producing one set of natives and then
have each module point to them via aliasing).

Bug: 1023
Bug: 1024

Depends on 46faa59d439ef235d7691fc64d56eedc600ffa1a from gluegen.
The file was modifiedmake/build-jogl.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/newt-awt.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/build-common.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedsrc/jogl/classes/com/jogamp/opengl/cg/ (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/newt-awt-jogl.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/nativewindow-noawt.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifieddoc/deployment/JOGL-DEPLOYMENT.html (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/build-nativewindow.xml (diff)
The file was modifieddoc/wiki/FAQ.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/jogl-noawt.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/nativewindow-awt.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/build-newt.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/ (diff)
The file was modifiedsrc/oculusvr/classes/com/jogamp/oculusvr/ (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/newt-noawt-jogl.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/jogl-awt.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifiedjnlp-files/atomic/newt-noawt.jnlp (diff)
The file was modifiedmake/scripts/ (diff)