Class ProcAddressTable

  • public abstract class ProcAddressTable
    extends Object
    Superclass for all generated ProcAddressTables. A ProcAddressTable is a cache of pointers to the dynamically-linkable C functions this autogenerated Java binding has exposed. Some libraries such as OpenGL, OpenAL and others define function pointer signatures rather than statically linkable entry points for the purposes of being able to query at run-time whether a particular extension is available. This table acts as a cache of these function pointers. Each function pointer is typically looked up at run-time by a platform-dependent mechanism such as dlsym(), wgl/glXGetProcAddress(), or alGetProcAddress(). If the field containing the function pointer is 0, the function is considered to be unavailable and can not be called.
    Kenneth Russel, Michael Bien, Sven Gothel
    See Also:
    FunctionAddressResolver, DynamicLookupHelper