Class ALCcontext

  • public class ALCcontext
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • usesNativeCode

        public static boolean usesNativeCode()
        Returns true if this generated implementation uses native code, otherwise false.
      • size

        public static int size()
        Returns the aligned total size of a native instance.
      • create

        public static ALCcontext create()
        Returns a new instance with all bytes set to zero.
      • create

        public static ALCcontext create​(ByteBuffer buf)
        Returns a new instance using the given ByteBuffer having at least {#link size()} bytes capacity. The ByteBuffer will be ByteBuffer.rewind() and native-order set.
      • derefPointer

        public static ALCcontext derefPointer​(long addr)
        Returns new instance dereferencing ByteBuffer at given native address `addr` with size size().
      • getBuffer

        public final ByteBuffer getBuffer()
        Return the underlying native direct ByteBuffer
      • getDirectBufferAddress

        public final long getDirectBufferAddress()
        Returns the native address of the underlying native ByteBuffer getBuffer()