Jogl Demos - Documentation

This workspace contains the source code to demos for the Jogl package. To build the demos:

To run the demos:

Hardware and Software Requirements

The demos currently have the following hardware and software requirements:

demos.gears.Gears none
demos.hwShadowmapsSimple.HWShadowmapsSimple Pbuffer support, ARB_shadow, ARB_depth_texture
demos.infiniteShadowVolumes.InfiniteShadowVolumes none
demos.proceduralTexturePhysics.ProceduralTexturePhysics Pbuffer support, ARB_vertex_program, ARB_fragment_program
demos.vertexArrayRange.VertexArrayRange NVidia GeForce family card. Runs on Windows and Linux (Jogl's vertex_array_range support not yet ported to Mac OS X).
demos.vertexBufferObject.VertexBufferObject ARB_vertex_buffer_object
demos.vertexProgRefract.VertexProgRefract ARB_vertex_program and either ARB_fragment_program or NV_register_combiners
demos.vertexProgWarp.VertexProgWarp ARB_vertex_program

Per-demo controls

Hardware Shadow Mapping

Infinite Shadow Volumes

Vertex Prog Warp

Vertex Prog Refract

Procedural Texture Physics