Ardor3D Overview

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Ardor3D is a professionally oriented, open source, Java based 3D engine for desktop (GNU Linux, Mac OS X, OpenIndiana, Windows) and mobile (Android) environments. The sub-project ardor3d-android was based on Android OpenGL ES.

Ardor3D was created September 23rd, 2008 as a fork of JMonkeyEngine by Joshua Slack (Renanse) and Rikard Herlitz (MrCoder). It was developed by Ardor Labs and some contributors until its version 0.9. Renanse abandoned the project March 11th, 2014.

The version 1.0 is the first version actively developed and maintained by JogAmp's community and supporting exclusively JOGL 2 (and later). It is designated as a subset of the original engine as it retains the only renderer relevant for JogAmp's community. As a consequence, it supports only desktop environments, the Android backend might be rewritten with JogAmp in another version. This subset is preferably called JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation in order to avoid any confusion with the "official" unmaintained version.