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How do I get the Source Code?

The project repository is located on github.

You can create a local copy/branch of the git repository, either anonymous:

or via SSH and your user credential, so you can easily push back your changes to the github server:

  • git clone gluegen
  • git clone jocl
  • git clone jocl-demos
  • git clone jogl

What are the Build Dependencies?

JOCL depends on GlueGen and JOGL

JDK6 and ANT 1.8 or later. JUnit tests require OpenCL capable hardware and OpenCL drivers.

I have all the Sourcecode, how do I build it?

Please refer to this HowTo

What files do I need at Runtime?

JOCL consists of two files:

  • jocl.jar
  • and one system dependent native library (e.g or jocl.dll or ..).

additionally you will have to provide

  • gluegen-rt.jar
  • and the corresponding native library (e.g or gluegen.dll or ...)

optionally you might want to add JOGL if you want to do OpenGL - OpenCL interoperability

How do I Get Started?

Is it possible to run JOCL based app without JOGL?

Yes. JOCL is completely independent from JOGL. In fact you have to explicitly create a shared context if you want to interoperate with JOGL.

  • CLContext.create(); // creates a pure OpenCL context
  • CLGLContext.create(glContext); // creates a shared context. This context can be used to share memory with OpenGL